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Calmeyer, Neil
 Seeking person
I’m still waiting to meet with you it’s been a long wait Contact:
  Added 22-Jan-23

Calmeyer, Neil
 Seeking person
I’m still waiting to meet with you it’s been a long wait Contact:
  Added 20-Jan-23

Calmeyer, Neil
 Seeking person
Hy, I am looking for my Father Neil Calmeyer. He was in the 2nd Royal Green Jackets and will be roughly 74-75 years of age Contact:
  Added 20-Jan-23

 Seeking school friend
School friend until we moved away 1964. Contact:
  Added 19-Sep-22

Campbell Ave area
 Seeking old friend
Lived on or near Campbell Road area of Gants / Hill , Barkingside. 1989/1990 We met at Carpenters & Docklands Badminton club. Always Monday nights Possibly you went to the old Poly in Stratford ?  Contact:
  Added 13-Jul-22

Brandman, Moneck
 Seeking old friend
Moneck was een vriend van mijn vader en moeder Mien en Toon huijbregts in Breda nederland, Moneck was in de oorlog gestationeerd als poolsmilitair in Breda Contact:
  Added 13-Nov-21

Bushra, Imran
 Seeking person
Bushra Imran wife of Imran yousaf Butt from pakistan recently moved to Illford UK. I want her uk contact number or her home number at earliest please. Contact:
  Added 13-Oct-21

Davis or Davies, Elizabeth
 Seeking old friend
I lived in a flat at 203 Cambridge rd Seven Kings. I moved when 11 or 12 in 1958. Elizabeth was a year younger. She attended a private junior school in Goodmayes. I’m sure she passed her 11 plus and possibly went to Ilford County High. We never wrote. We were good friends. She was very thin as was her mother. I have tried to find her for many years. Had we been older we would have stayed in contact. Mrs Robertson lived next door and had a choir. Mrs Eacott was next to her. Please contact me. We are both getting older and it will be too late soon. Rita. Contact:
  Added 27-Jun-21

South African parents
 Seeking old friend
This is Ianthi from Srilanka we were friends when I lived there 40 years ago do you remember me I went to loxford secondary school with you and Janice Priestly and fuerina Ellie  Contact:
  Added 14-Jun-21

Freeman, Jeeie
 Seeking old friend
Old friend from 1950’s...last known living in Leywell drive newberry park Ilford  Contact:
  Added 13-Mar-21

Carol, Hammer
 Seeking school friend
We were close friends at Beal Grammar School in the 60s and lost contact when I went to live in Spain and Carole went to America. Would be so nice to hear from you and know how you are Contact:
  Added 20-Jan-21

Fenton, bobby
 Seeking school friend
you were in my class at South Park, and Mayfield. it would be good to know if you are sill around. i live in Southend now... Contact:
  Added 08-Jan-21

Small and petite
 Seeking former partner
Just thinking of my past and you popped up Contact:
  Added 22-Sep-20

Husband and Wife
 Seeking person
Looking for anybody who remembers Frank and Doris Harding of 18 Clarence Avenue. Both passed away in 1961. Would be very interested to know of anybody’s recollections! Thank you!  Contact:
  Added 02-Sep-20

Evans, David
 Seeking relative
Looking for David Evans who lived in the Redbridge area during the 70s/80s/90s. David has two daughters who were either born late 60s/early 70s. I believe David worked for the Police and may have been based in East Ham.  Contact:
  Added 31-Jul-20

Kelly, Peter
 Seeking relative
Lost contact with Peter and I am just trying to find him. He was born in 1958. Contact:
  Added 13-Jun-20

Suleman, Aina
 Seeking old friend
Plz contact me! Contact:
  Added 04-Jun-20

Freeman, Jessy
 Seeking old friend
He lived in Newbury Park Gantshill Essex...lost touch when I moved to Devon 1958 Contact:
  Added 15-Apr-20

 Seeking school friend
hi Neela I was thinking about our old school days and was remembering you. Hope you make contact. Would be great to catch up  Contact:
  Added 05-Mar-20

Sutton, Robert
 Seeking school friend
I would like to find an old friend lost since 1982. Robert Sutton and his brother Michael lived with their parents Maureen and John in Ilford. Thanks in advance. Best Regards  Contact:
  Added 21-Jan-20

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