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This week's news in brief!Submitted: 30 Sep 2001

There may be cuts in services as it was revealed that the gap between government funding and what the borough thinks it needs has soared from 4.3m to 7.5m since July. Cllr Hoskins says "Every year we are asked to balance the budget with insufficient resources". Cllr Axon says "We could well see an increase in council tax while providing a decline in services.
  • Dr Foster, a company which provides information about health services says that for this summer, King George Hospital in Barley Lane, Goodmayes had both the lowest ratio of nurses-to-beds and doctors-to-beds.
  • A con artist stole £150 from an elderly lady. He knocked on her door and claimed he was from the "Counterfeit Money Inspectorate" and said there were lots of counterfeit money around and asked if he could inspect her money. She gave him £150 to check. He said he needed to run it through the "infra red machine in his car" but guess what, he never returned.
  • A young boy used a pellet gun to shoot at pupils through the gates of Leys Primary School in Leys Avenue, Dagenham. One mother said her child has bruises all over his legs and a few holes in his trousers caused by the pellets.

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    The Redbridge Samaritans. Mildmay Road, Ilford. (020) 8553 9900. Always there when you need them. Also seeking listening volunteers


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