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Thu 06 Aug, 2020
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Council statistics are in!Submitted: 27 Oct 2001

All Councils have to produce 'performance indicators' to monitor their success and performance. Some of the more interesting ones for 2000/2001 are:

  • Percentage of total tonnage of household rubbish recycled: 6.31%
  • Percentage of highways that are either of a high or acceptable standard of cleanliness: 84.35%
  • Domestic burglaries for every 1,000 households: 18.56
  • Violent crimes for every 1000 people: 22.18
  • Of these, robberies for every 1000 people: 4.39
  • Vehicle crimes for every 1000 people: 33.29
  • Number of school pupils permanently excluded for every 1000 pupils: Primary Schools: 0.17, Secondary Schools: 1.28
  • No. of visits by members of the public made to the Council's libraris, for ech resident: 8.58
  • No of books and other items issued by the Council's libraries, for each resident: 8.58
  • Cost of maintaining roads (worked out for every 100km travelled by a vehicle on principle roads: 0.31

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The Redbridge Samaritans. Mildmay Road, Ilford. (020) 8553 9900. Always there when you need them. Also seeking listening volunteers


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