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Ilford Christmas lights switch-on - IN PICTURESSubmitted: 12 Nov 2003

The Ilford High Road Christmas lights were switched on tonight by Nick Bailey, a.k.a. Dr. Anthony Truman from Eastenders, in a ceremoney which seems to get earlier and earlier each year.

The event was pretty similar to last year except there was a lower turnout this time and everything happened so quickly with no real build-up. No bands or anything like there was last year, just an impromptu bit of singing by the Kenneth More Theatre crowd present. The public crowded while Nick signed autographs for the kids. (I didn't know so many 6-year-olds watch Eastenders. That will please the BBC Demographics team). There was a parade of lanterns made by school kids too.

Nick switched on the lights which preceded a small fireworks display (come on Exchange you could have got a few more big ones - 80% off the price after November 5th don't you know!). The town hall looked to be on fire as there were fireworks on the three front balconies.

There was a small snow-storm blowing confetti everywhere which again seemed shorter this year which stopped as soon as people could run over to outside the Exchange to be inside it. I couldn't even run over in time to get a photo.

I had never seen so many people disappear so quickly once it was announced that there were free mince pies and champagne on the first floor of the Exchange. Needless to say when I popped by there were many minced pies but no champagne left! Ilford we are such a bunch of alcoholics!

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