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Sat 02 Mar, 2024
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Ilford Christmas Lights switch onSubmitted: 17 Nov 2004

They're on again for another new year.

You can view pictures of the event here

There will also be analysis of Ilford Town Centre manager's quote 'We have bought new lights this year'. We will demonstrate using photographic evidence from when records began (2002) to the present.

The event was dramatically scaled back this year. No sign this year of the celeb, the awesome fake snow machine, the free wine, the live bands or street entertainers, but this year we get a distinctly dodgy PA (' her first name Mary') the 1970's Butlins reject to provide entertainment through his karaoke and handovers/praise of the Ilford Town Centre financial backers including...Chris from the local paper... After Chris delivered his string of panto chich├ęs the PA had to acknowledge that he didn't get much of a round of applause when he was brought on stage, and had to encourage the audience to give him a better sendoff.

Other speakers included the Mayor of Redbridge, Reg 'are you having a good time....hmmmmmmyeah' Woda and the poor lady from the KMT who was rather cruelly put on the spot while the PA fetched the next Christmas cracker joke out of his head and asked her to name the rest of the cast she will be alongside in Snow White.

We sure know how to host a party here in Ilford.

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The Redbridge Samaritans. Mildmay Road, Ilford. (020) 8553 9900. Always there when you need them. Also seeking listening volunteers


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