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Sun 03 Mar, 2024
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Christmas 2005 lights switch onSubmitted: 16 Nov 2005

For an event where the council's website promised something 'special' I just had to cancel my evening's plans to come along. When I got there a gathering, attendence figures boosted by a noticably enhanced police presence, was waiting in the cold and singing along to some cheery Christmas tunes lead by children from the Kenneth More Theatre with the lady who always dresses as a fairy also from the KMT. She was the star of the show as always.

This something special was sure to be good; not many celebrities command so much Police protection, aside from the Queen and J-Lo. It was until I spotted the policeman walking around clutching a big roll of blue Police tape did I wonder what exactly this 'something special' could be!

The event passed without incident, and without much else to note really, save for the little kids who were easily pleased by Exchange Shopping centre balloons on sticks distributed by the 'mall monster' and branded party bags, thje distributers of which being careful not to give any to grown-ups, exclaiming 'these are for the kids!'. These seemed to mask the pain of having local newspaper reporters one foot away from their poor faces firing their mega flash gun units.

Some lights seemed to be new for this year and the local paper sponsored Christmas tree has been dug out again. No celebs/snow machine/street entertainers/champagne in the 'mall' but the fireworks were quite good. One for the kids in future.

If you want the 'this spectacle was the best event i've ever been to' and 'how the mall monster saved my sight' stories, please see this week's local newspaper.

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