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O' Grady's Irish Bar,
699 High Road, Seven Kings, Ilford, IG3 8RH
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30/04/2012 Review from visitor Jack J Overall rating 1/10
  Awful place. Security is non existent and the management have no interest in changing that. Hence the place is full of drunken thugs all looking for a fight.  
31/03/2011 Review from visitor john n Overall rating 0/10
  regret the day i ever went there...wall to wall hags waiting to pounce and ruin your marriage worse pub on the map.  
17/03/2011 Review from visitor soz choz Overall rating 10/10
  We think O'Grady's Is Brill! Alway's gaurentied to have a great night out.  
05/02/2011 Review from visitor kerry Overall rating 10/10
  ogradys seven kings - great place all i can say xx  
17/03/2010 Review from visitor anon Overall rating 4/10
  Have alwayloved this pub.Bitterly disapointed that on St.Patricks night the Lack of Irish music was poor. Shame it was chock full of kids. And to accused by the landlord of only coming 'Once a year' seemed to me he can't take criticism.  
18/02/2010 Review from visitor munster Overall rating 3/10
  glad the ignorant pig james got the sack same old sad cases in there day in day out they think its the universe prob is their universe saddos  
17/05/2009 Review from visitor Jim Overall rating 1/10
  The pub used to be good before all the young rif raff came on the scene.Seven Kings high road is a nightmare every weekend because of the clientelle that frequent this pub.Always trouble and blue lights flashing.You should see the high road on a Sunday morning with debris.Its an absolute disgrace.The owner must have some conscience because he sponsors some of the litter bins in the area via redbridge council.  
09/11/2008 Review from visitor Tony L Overall rating 10/10
  Great pub, great staff great home cooked food. A real taste of Home.  
12/12/2007 Review from visitor sarah Overall rating 9/10
  what a nice change not to be served microwave to freezer food. Staff pleasant and food good worth a visit will definitely be returning !  
01/05/2007 Review from visitor paul & deano Overall rating 10/10
  we spent a lovely weekend in ilford and found a pub called o gradys, best pub by a mile. great food and drink,staff were so nice, i got a tip off james the manager and won ?200 on the grand national,got chatted up by a spanish model, made my weekend. we cant wait to go back.  
30/04/2007 Review from visitor Message to Anon No rating available
  You haven''t got a clue what you''re talking about re Management and Staff. Take it you''re not a regular and probably someone who James the manager had to throw out for causing trouble OR not being able to handle your beer!! Ummmmmmmm who knows.  
13/04/2007 Review from visitor Anon No rating available
  This pub is vastly over rated.There''s a manager in the place called James who in my opinion needs to go and learn some manners.The guy is very rude so much so that some of the bar staff don''t even talk to him.This pub has ruined the Seven Kings area.  
26/02/2007 Review from visitor Suzi Overall rating 9/10
  Traditional ambience for a London Irish pub. Fun place to visit. Amazingly good looking Manager (has a stunner of a girlfriend too !!). Friendly place, good prices and good food.  
23/01/2007 Review from visitor Missy F Overall rating 10/10
  This is the best pub that I have been to in a very long time. Staff are very friendly, especially the handsome manager!! It is a great place to go either during the day to watch sport or in the evening to have a great night out. The restaurant is also lovely - everytime that i''ve been the service and food have been outstanding! Can''t fault it really.  
16/01/2007 Review from visitor Barry No rating available
  This place is an absoluty ****. The owner is a complete ***** as are all the bar staffff especially the day and night managers. all of them full of ****. [snip] Don''t go. Seriously.  
01/01/2007 Review from visitor GTQ Overall rating 10/10
  Just spent a cracking New Year''s Eve at O Grady''s. Top entertainment with genuine Irish company. Great mix of characters and a great boost to the Irish community in Seven Kings. Pleasent and friendly staff. Good quality food at reasonable prices. Well done.  
14/09/2006 Review from visitor mary Overall rating 10/10
  decor is really nice theres always a great atmosphere really busy music is always good staff r great  
11/07/2006 Review from visitor Paddy No rating available
  This is an overrated,overcrowded waste of space. playing on its supposed "irishness" this pub exploits all that is worst about seven kings. sad , lonely , souless people turn up each day to hang with their "mates". gorgeous girls turn to fat blobs within a few months. same music , same people every day. CHEERS it is not!!!!!! about as irish as Timbuktu  
01/05/2006 Review from visitor Angie & Vicki Overall rating 10/10
  This pub is very very friendly. With excellent staff and a good looking manager. lol. the atmosphere is wicked and the entertainment is grand. Its always busy and we have never had a bad night out when we go there which is every week.  
23/06/2002 Review from visitor Nigel Overall rating 9/10
  This pub was great. When I went on a Saturday night it became packed quickly, there were a few actual Irish people there so it must be good. They pumped out loud Irish music (maybe that was because I was sat under a speaker). It was just so friendly in there it was just like a pub up North. The staff were fun and the customers were of a wide range, all getting on really well, middle aged people talking to young people - something you don''t see often. There is a small dance floor. There was a quirky man doing some entertainment the night I went. I thought he was rubbish, the others less so. Nice, authentic, great atmosphere