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307 High Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1NR
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24/05/2016 Review from visitor sandy Overall rating 10/10
  beautiful place, been here twice,good food, friendly staff,  
19/04/2012 Review from visitor Mr Singh Overall rating 10/10
  Came here on Valentines day, food was amazing , the salmon tikka was to die for, the live band played a great collection of very mellow romantic music. Made mine and my wife's evening superb. Highly rate this place as the best in London. 100/10 food, 9/10 service, entertainment: 10/10 OVERALL: 10/10. Thanks to all the staff at pakwaan for making that night very special, the manager really has a creative side to being able to make the evening's atmosphere very romantic. Liked: Food, Service, Value  
12/12/2011 Review from visitor Maria Overall rating 0/10
  Pakwan - terrible place to eat and the manager is a total con artist  
15/04/2011 Review from visitor chetz Overall rating 10/10
  i feel like crying when i don't eat here, the food here is excellent, the live music is what makes this place special, if i could buy Pakwaan i would.i would not change a thing, all my friends love this place, especially the lamb punjabi. i would say to all those people giving a bad review to go and look in the mirror. and shake the dumbness out of your brain. and smack the stupid off your face. thank you for reading  
04/03/2011 Review from visitor Suny Overall rating 5/10
  Too expensive  
10/11/2010 Review from visitor R N Overall rating 0/10
  I wasnt happy with the service and the food, the potato in the veg somasas was off, this put me off my food. THe manager did not apologise and did not take these off my bill.  
06/11/2010 Review from visitor Tor Overall rating 2/10
  Although the manager was very helpful in getting myself and my partner a table, we found the staff quite blunt. The live music was too lound! It was impossible to have a conversation! And this is the very first Indian we have ever had that do not give an onion salad with poppadoms?! Highly recommend take 5 mins out and going to Carraways!! That restaurant is a must  
21/10/2010 Review from visitor Sandhu Family Overall rating 0/10
  Pakwaan - We have been to this restaurant a few times, and each time the service has been appalling, the starters lack quantity, And on our last vist our main chicken dish was cold so we returned it, yet it was never replaced and we were still made to pay for it.  
13/10/2010 Review from visitor chopra Overall rating 9/10
  i have visited pakwaan for many years and have always found everything excellent. i believe that this is the place that will not let you down. i would 100 percent recommend this place to everyone for its great food and service  
31/07/2010 Review from visitor Nidhi Overall rating 9/10
  Marvellous taste for a reasonably above average price. Indian singers entertain to the fullest.  
25/05/2010 Review from visitor mr.s Overall rating 8/10
  great restaurant, visited on the 22/05/10. good live music but mostly excellent food, service is good. i have come to this restaurant more then 5 times, usually with friends- i was firstly disappointed on my first and second visit but the last three has starting to change my opinion. i am very pleased with the sudden transformation with service and as usual the food has maintained its 5 star quality.  
13/05/2010 Review from visitor Mrs. T Overall rating 2/10
  I went there with my Husband on our anniversary. It was a total disappointment, the waiter who served us had no clue about anything. He told us its his first day so he was not trained at all. The main course was served after an hr and 10 min and it was not what we ordered. The manager never came to us to explain or apologize. The food was good but i wont recommend it to anyone/  
19/12/2009 Review from visitor Mrs. Khan Overall rating 10/10
  ladies night on the 2nd december was great, reading the previous reviews that others have left- sounds ridiculous. the staffs performance was great. the live band was amazing, i would have to say the the manager has got an amazing voice. try this restaraunt out- its amazing.  
06/12/2009 Review from visitor james Overall rating 0/10
  I also went to this birthday celebration and feel compled to write. a £25 set menu included chana, dhal and chicken - i would expect to pay a maximum of £10 fir the quality and quantity recieved. they even charged my four year old son £12.50 for the little he ate, which was shared from my plate! a disgrace. we paid £75 for 2 adults and a 4 year old to eat £20 worth of food. very poor.  
06/12/2009 Review from visitor Group with family & Friends Overall rating 1/10
  I had to write a review for this is the worst restaurant I have ever experienced! The service was terrible we waited almost an hour after starter, not great for hungry children or adults! Food was incredibly over priced and we were being charged for soft drinks and childrens meals which were pre-negotiated as inclusive in our set meneu. The music was awful and too loud. I wish I could say something positive but I feel too ripped-off by this tacky restaurant that had alot of staff that were clueless, due to inadequate managment.  
17/11/2009 Review from visitor Venki Overall rating 4/10
  Sorry a total disappointment. Service was slow and there was too much oil in the food. Also there was a strange musty smell that lingered.  
07/10/2009 Review from visitor Sandy Overall rating 10/10
  I wouldn't bother reading the bad reviews, till you've actually been there..... Food is fantastic, yes pricey but definately worth paying for!!!!!! Good food doesn't come cheap!!!!!!!  
29/06/2009 Review from visitor Raja Overall rating 0/10
  Wish I had read the previous reviews about this place before going there. The area is cramped, the food not particularly tasty but well over-priced. Also the service is poor. Not a pleasant evening. Would not recommend it to anyone.  
27/05/2009 Review from visitor KAMAL Overall rating 4/10
  Pakwan restaurant at best is like a market. Too many patrons packed in a small area. The music blares dispropotionate to the area thus making conversation virtually impossible. Waiters need full training in courtsey and the smile factor is nil. The Manager is too busy wanting to sing constant numbers in Punjabi. hew...I could go on..and on....and on...and on  
29/03/2009 Review from visitor Roger Overall rating 10/10
  Wonderful tasty food. Best curry we've had. Charming people, warm welcome, attentive staff, fast service, and all you could hope for in a night out. Great place. Live music too!  
30/12/2008 Review from visitor raju Overall rating 7/10
  fantastic but expensive  
16/06/2008 Review from visitor Priya Overall rating 0/10
  Very Very Poor Restaurant...Booked Table and got seated and hour after booking time and even that was for a table seated for 10 when there were 12 people!!! Waiting staff were very slow and very rude. Place was over booked with two private parties and no notice was given to others who had also booked. Manager was very rude as was Lady at Bar. One round of Complimentary drinks was given which was later thrown back in my face when questioned the service of the place. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND GOING TO THIS DUMP!!!!  
02/05/2008 Review from visitor Amardeep Overall rating 10/10
  Pakwaan Punjabi Cuisine - Newly refurbished beautiful atmosphare top quality food nothing can beat Pakwaan Love it  
27/04/2008 Review from visitor max Overall rating 7/10
  Setting is very nice, Food is great but still not on par with other Indians throught the London area. Acoustics really need to be reviewed by the managment and so does the service at times don't get me wrong the service is ok but on occasions it can be very unorganised. Overall a good place to eat.  
21/03/2008 Review from visitor kamaljit Overall rating 10/10
  Great resturant Tasty food, nice family atmosphere, I will highly recommend this place to everyone.  
17/02/2008 Review from visitor yamini Overall rating 0/10
07/12/2007 Review from visitor G Overall rating 9/10
  Beautiful decor, superrrb food, acaustics need imrovement.  
07/08/2007 Review from visitor Akshay Overall rating 10/10
  beautiyful inside.. excellent food.. very good atmosphere.. friendly staff..  
01/03/2007 Review from visitor Khalid Overall rating 10/10
  Fantastic Place .love to be there.