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Abshar Punjabi Cuisine (Punjabi),
43 High Street, Barkingside, Ilford, IG6 2AD
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11/12/2012 Review from visitor Mary Overall rating 10/10
  regular visitor as it is the best Indian food I have eaten in a restaurant cooked to my liking  
29/10/2008 Review from visitor m Overall rating 7/10
  Good service and food. Will visit again  
02/10/2008 Review from visitor Jazzy Jazz Overall rating 10/10
  Abshar, Barkingside - I am a regular at this restaurant and have to say the food is great every time, the management and staff are very friendly and the service is great. Definately recommend to anyone.  
03/02/2008 Review from visitor Simon Overall rating 10/10
  I love coming here the food is absolutely great. They make it according to how spicy or not you want it. Delicious fresh tasty food I always come here for my indian and wouldn't think of going else where. Decor is very nice, great atmosphere.  
22/01/2008 Review from visitor Dennis Overall rating 0/10
  I'd never been to this one before but I do eat Indian food in and around Redbridge a lot and it had been recommended. Went on a Friday night with a party of 25+ for a leaving do. We had booked for 8.00 and were expected. They finally took our table's orders at 9.15 and we got our meals at 10.15. The waiters taking the order tried to make MOST people change their orders as they took them (e.g. "go on, why don't you try this one, instead") which we all found very strange, ALL the mild currys were *far* too hot - there were quite a few complaints about this; they missed out on several main orders but brought more side dishes than had been asked for; wouldn't serve tap water (until the ONE person only in the group who anted it INSISTED) and then brought out a bill that averaged £28 for poppadums, a main course and 2-3 drinks per head only. I'd like to say something nice but I'm afraid I'm voting on this one with my feet. There were really no redeeming features about it at all.  
12/11/2007 Review from visitor Steven No rating available
  Having lived in Barkingside for 5 years, I have been a regular diner at Ashbar. The food is undeniably superb; something that has not failed to draw the Asian community in droves. However, I find the waiters intrusive trying to shake hands at every opportunity. You can guarantee your meal will only arrive once you have finished your first drink - and ordered your second. Furthermore, tap-water is reluctantly served (even if paying for other drinks) only after insisting to speak with the manager. My last visit ended with me arguing with the manager about such a policy only to be told he is a businessman, is in it to make money (hence £1.50 for a tiny bottle of water) and if I did not like it, not to come back. So much for the customer is always right. So much for looking after your regulars. So much for friendly service. With that I left and will never return. Oh, and any tips do not go to the waiters but directly into this "businessman''s" pockets. I suggest all follow my lead for the exit.  
16/10/2007 Review from visitor indiana Overall rating 10/10
  I love curries especially in this restaurant everything is cooked fresh and each dish has its own flavour,quite rare nowdays.try the tanoory lamb shop as a starter its a delight and also i tried a chicken dish with a green curry cant remenber the name of it , the very knowledgeable waiter told me to try it and it was delicious ,also they have a mint sauce and a carrot raita which is the best I have ever tested.Iwas spoiled when I came to this restaurant to eat and I havent found yet another restaurant which can compare.great food,very nice staff and lovely decor.  
12/02/2007 Review from visitor Manu Overall rating 0/10
  Rude staff, No politeness for customers, flat soft drinks, food ok but charges are high, Can be overcharged if you do not notice the final bill.