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513 - 519 Cranbrook Road, Gants Hill , IG2 6HA, Tel: 020 8518 4111
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15/09/2012 Review from visitor Mohammed Overall rating 1/10
  Went here this evening with wife and son. Atmosphere was good but the food was terrible. Starters just tasted of raw meat and curry powder. The main was just absolute garbish! Decided not to eat the trash food  
06/08/2012 Review from visitor Rashid Overall rating 10/10
  Beautiful restaurant, excellent food, friendly service. Thanks to the manager for changing dish which was ordered by mistake also for checking on us if everything was fine afterwards. Definitely going back again  
25/03/2012 Review from visitor Amika Overall rating 1/10
  Rude staff, terrible arrogant manager and terrible customer service  
24/03/2012 Review from visitor Jay Overall rating 10/10
  Great place and amazing food. Very good service on Saturday even though it was fully packed. I would like to mention Kuldeep here as We know him since he used to work for Passage to India. Really charming guy and very polite since. Alway very helpful. Credit goes to the manager and the owner as well for keeping good staff. So, well done Caraway and keep it up. Will be visiting soon.  
12/10/2011 Review from visitor Asad Overall rating 8/10
  Avoid Friday/Saturday evenings due to overcrowding. Food is great though.  
03/07/2011 Review from visitor CB Overall rating 8/10
  Good surroundings and efficient, friendly staff. Wonderful food which is more interesting / authentic than usual indian restaurants. Can be a bit busy at times due to popularity but worth it for the good food. Looking back at previous reviews caraway has obviously got it's act together now so why not give it a try!  
08/04/2011 Review from visitor sam Overall rating 4/10
  decor nice and the place has a lovely lively atmosphere. Staff were attentive and got our orders right. There was a large selection of starters which tasted amazing, it was just a shame that all the curries tasted the same - spice-less & bland. Overall the experience was ok.  
06/08/2010 Review from visitor K Overall rating 1/10
  Caraway, Gants Hill - Will not go there again. Service is poor, had to wait 30 mins before we had to ask to order drinks and then wait another 20 minuters before having to ask again to order food! When food finally came it was covered with chili so could not taste anything else. The waiter also spillt a drink on me and my food, and although he was apologetic, they did not take the cost of my dish off the bill or give us a replacement dish!  
27/03/2010 Review from visitor shradha Overall rating 1/10
  carraway ilford - went here with my sister had a good evening food was good but oily. Tables far too close together that i could hear everything the table next to me said. My sister and i had a veg platter not that great but eat most of it. The last pepper had gone off. We complained and my sister wanted a glass of water which took ages. When the bill came i refused to pay fort this dish. The manager delt with my complaite in the worst maner i have every seen. He wanted be to pay for the proportion that we had eaten before we got to the gone off pepper! i will never go here.  
12/03/2010 Review from visitor Norman Overall rating 9/10
  Excellent and different from average Indian ,only crticism is Dhosas should be thicker  
07/02/2010 Review from visitor RAJESH Overall rating 1/10
  Recently went to an engagement party held here- 16th jANUARY, and I must say it was by far the WORST venue I have ever attended in my life!! The food was ABSOLUTELY UNEDIBLE- eating the chicken shish was like eating a bland, unsalted unseasoned dying chicken. Guests were sending full plates of food back! And thats if they were even lucky (or maybe unlucky) to even receive food- where some of us were waiting 3 hours to have food while some were served immediately (for 80 guests- 3 guests were being served at a time)I was absolutely starving (as coulnt touch the dying chicken)so asked for some chips- which were also a disaster!! (reheated, chewy, cold)A restaurant that cant even serve chips properly really needs professional help!! Guests couldn't even endure waiting for dessert, and were leaving hungry & unsatisfied. I advise anyone thinking of coming here for a meal or even booking this venue for events to think again..!!  
13/01/2010 Review from visitor sr Overall rating 0/10
  never had such a bad exp in my whole was [awful]. staff was not at all helpfull and on top of that manager is more rude than the staff will never go to this restaurant again and never recommend others too  
20/11/2009 Review from visitor JJ Overall rating 10/10
22/09/2009 Review from visitor Tracey Overall rating 10/10
  The waiters were very attentive and hospitable and the atmosphere was, calm relaxing and the food was delicious, first class and the price was surprisingly reasonable, I would go thete over and over again  
04/02/2009 Review from visitor Lorraine Overall rating 10/10
  Ive been here several times and this resturant is superb, rapidly becoming one of my favorite eating places. The staff are very freindly and the food is fantastic. If your fed up with the normal run-of-the-mill indian resturants then try this one, you wont be dissapointed.The lamb chops are delicious but so is everthing I have tried.Only bad point - parking.Be careful not to get a ticket.  
23/01/2009 Review from visitor Maria Overall rating 10/10
  Atmosphere was very nice, staff very polite and efficient. The food was superb and the amount per portion was reasonable. It is a bit expensive but the quality of the food and the service deserves it. We are visiting again next weekend  
12/01/2009 Review from visitor Zeeshan Overall rating 9/10
  Excellent service great food people who say otherwise must be either competion or used to fast food or takeaways, Environment settings is all exqusite  
17/12/2008 Review from visitor Sharayu Overall rating 10/10
  Decor is good, it was too busy the day I visited. a very quick service. Food was too good.  
27/11/2008 Review from visitor gul Overall rating 5/10
  food was ok,if simple dish ordered,otherwise it can get a bit over spiced. found the bill a bit high. re-check the bill when we got home, we have been overcharged.Good for a quick simple kebab, but check that u haven't been overcharged!!  
18/10/2008 Review from visitor jj Overall rating 1/10
  decor okay i suppose, staff very slow and most need to be told very slowly about your order. Glasses were used again and again but not washed, just rinsed in a small bucker behind the bar.I was even lucky to have found lipstick stains when my drink finally arrived!!! would have rather kissed the person with the lipstick than to have to share the glass only  
28/09/2008 Review from visitor amir Overall rating 2/10
  wow dont know what to say abt this place, nightmare, i cant belive a restaurant with flys, i had a fly on my drin k when i asked the owner ramish to change me the dribk which was just half glass he refused, same had happen to the table next to me they find hair on they food and he couldnt be bother to change it,and apologise, the way he was talking to us like if its our mistake, im just wondering what kind of service is this, the waiters none of them knows what is he doing, plus we had a delay on the drinks,, seriously i will never go back there and i dont recomnd it as a clean restaurant, clean from outside but flys insid, which means the place its not clean.  
12/09/2008 Review from visitor Aj Overall rating 1/10
  The Decor is nothing special , the food was something my litte brother can cook , I can cook better indian food than that! I Do not recommed this restuarant its a waste of money and I feel these people are giving Indian food a bad name!  
26/06/2008 Review from visitor Adam Overall rating 10/10
  Food was excellent, beautiful decor. Most authentic indian food I have tasted in long time in London, wll priced. Will recommend everyone to give it a try. Will go there again, anytime.  
25/06/2008 Review from visitor Tai Overall rating 10/10
  caraway - good food went on family get togeather party, staff was brilliant and skillfull specially Arif and abhishak, will recond every1 again and again.  
17/02/2008 Review from visitor Priti Overall rating 8/10
  excellent food, especially the caraway dhal. poor service, waiter not proficient in english. air con too strong. but the food was yummy.  
15/02/2008 Review from visitor Kashif Overall rating 10/10
  Caraway is a delightful family orientated restaurant. The staff are friendly and the decor is great. Looking around seeing all the families enjoying an evening out really creates an atmospehe even if your attending on your own or as a couple. However, the best thing about this restaurant is the authentic indian food and the non-alcholic cocktails are my particular favorites. Definitely the place to be for a relaxing memorable night.  
18/01/2008 Review from visitor Jay Overall rating 3/10
  Food above average, Service Terrible, Went for dinner, orders were not taken down correctly. overcharged on the bill. Although corrected, and having left a large tip, the manager/waiting followed me out to try and insisted i ordered food which i didnt order which i found shocking. Waiters need a GSCE english. Overall not impressed and do not advise others to dine at Caraway.  
04/01/2008 Review from visitor Junaid Overall rating 10/10
  I celebrated my son's birthday here.Amazing environment,friendly staff,very good food and good location.Basically a nice place for everyone to enjoy ! highly recommended  
22/12/2007 Review from visitor indi Overall rating 3/10
  Staff polite, and friendly. Service was slow, decor was nothing to write home about. Below average indian restaurant food. Nothing spectacular, absolutely no reason for me to return. Why not concentate on the food rather than the sizzling platter that every main dish seems to come out on!!, (utterly pointless in most cases, just to create a wow-factor for your average IQ diner)  
23/10/2007 Review from visitor Sharon Overall rating 10/10
  Excellent food, Excellent service and extremely well priced!! Would recommend this restuarant again and again!! Decor is elegant and atmosphere is lively. Recommend making reservations as can get busy at times.