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Lazat Indian Restaurant,
408, Cranbrook Rd, Ilford, Essex IG2 6HW. Tel: (020) 8554 0707
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09/05/2009 Review from visitor Danyal Overall rating 10/10
  Lazat is a great family restaurant for all the family. Exceptional...everything. Most of all the fantastic service and impeccable food. Suits everyone with different spice levels and great things such as the Signature Steaks, Superior Shashliks, and the Wonderful Wings. I have never been in a restaurant ith such great atmosphere and haveeaten here at leaset 50 - 60 times in my life and enjoy it terribely. The service is great with friendly and helpful staff as well as the chefs who you can see behind the glass panel seperating you from them. The atmosphere as great and the interior of the restaurant was superb with the nice warm colours and the beautiful wood tables and wood floors. Drinks are fantastic as we had Mango Lassi, fresh Fruit Juices. I would come back for more. It is well worth recommending. The location is good with a few parking spots behing and just 20p for 30mins pay and display which is very useful. After visiting Lazat for late lunch we went to a great shop 2 doors away called Sneaker. They sell Trainers, clothing caps, hats and all you could think of. I do recommend this place as well with it's rustique look. Make sure you visit!  
04/11/2005 Review from visitor Fawzia No rating available
  excellent service and atmosphere.The food is exceptional,especially the mixed grill,steaks and chicken shashlik.  
04/11/2005 Review from visitor zaeem No rating available
  nice ,clean restaurant,friendly staff unbelievable food and must try the mix grill and the steaksreasonably priced and worth every penny ,try it  
22/10/2004 Review from visitor Wayfarer Overall rating 6/10
  Nice clean new place, opened very recently. Food is cooked in full view and tastes delicious. A bit on the dear side; however, you come out feeling satisfied. Well worth a visit.