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Passage to India (Indian),
300-310 , High Road ,Ilford, Essex, IG1 1QW
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03/06/2013 Review from visitor Manprit Overall rating 3/10
  Our family had night out last week passage to india, totally disappointment the new management , there is no proper staff or manager. Food was too late and cold .only the Dj was good. We will not recommend to others  
18/05/2012 Review from visitor reggie Overall rating 7/10
  had a takeaway,the lamb and chicken currys were nice, but the byriani which i weas looking forward to was not authentic. it was meat mixed with rice and coriander sprinkled on top.  
13/11/2011 Review from visitor Sunny Overall rating 9/10
  We made a birthday party on 12 nov . It was a great night. Good music.thanks for the manager raj the way he handle our party ..he done a good job for us . .Will come back soon  
30/09/2011 Review from visitor neha Overall rating 3/10
  the manager was good but his staff was rude specially the girl kiran she didnot even know how to talk n serve gosh rubbish staff  
21/01/2011 Review from visitor Calvin M Overall rating 10/10
  What can I say? This place never fails to impress me. Amazing Food, Owner, Manager, Staff, DJ. Great Night Out for the family/friends. The chilli paneer has to be best that ive ever tasted. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone and if your going...take me with you!. Hope this review helps...10 stars from me!  
24/11/2010 Review from visitor neha Overall rating 9/10
  i went there last week i have enjoyed there with my family i like the food n the service specially the hostess reet she is the best hostess ever passage ti india can ever have...  
03/11/2010 Review from visitor Paul Overall rating 1/10
  Absolutely awful - I am not one for writing comments but just had to register my disgust at this place. The food was slow in arriving (only 3 waiters on yet resturaunt was full), food was cold and uninteresting, portions were small. never ever in a million years would I go back.  
23/09/2010 Review from visitor kam Overall rating 10/10
  we had a small party last week.this s our first time visit there. everybody enjoyed .service and food was was good. will recommend to others  
03/08/2010 Review from visitor gibbs Overall rating 7/10
  Well it is a nice place for partying out , specially the service n the punjabi girl she is simply generous .the deco was ok but old and the music was good.  
03/08/2010 Review from visitor sonu Overall rating 8/10
  Hi i am suraj i went last week in bday party of my friend on saturday the food was good the service was good specially the hostess she is very sweet n kind and serve all customers equally decor is ok we had great fun...  
18/07/2010 Review from visitor ghill Overall rating 9/10
  we had a small birthday last was good. little bit louder, food was exellent,good service.we had a good fun ,ll recommend to other people  
23/06/2010 Review from visitor Anon Overall rating 1/10
  Terrible place - we had paid for a party of 20 people at £25/head for unlimited food..they bought the food so late and it was cold. Satff was rude  
11/04/2010 Review from visitor reema Overall rating 10/10
  This s my first timevisit to passage to india.we from west was a great wasgreat food and drink service was excelent good staff specially the manager.will always recommend and will always book with passagetoindia.worth over travel frm west london.  
07/04/2010 Review from visitor kiran Overall rating 10/10
  great food and music.service was good.good managment.  
18/02/2010 Review from visitor Kamaljit Overall rating 7/10
  Had very good time but a little bit disappointed with the staff as their english were not enough good and the girl was rude as well. No professionalism but and its deco was nice. good music and good place. will try one more time.  
15/02/2010 Review from visitor ameera Overall rating 3/10
  very poor service food was cold and the staff's english was terrible BUt it was okay scenaary nicce but was poor  
02/12/2009 Review from visitor manjit Overall rating 10/10
  last week we had a small getogether in passage to was sat night, fully was good. food was exellent.all the staff r good. recommending friends to go passage to indiafor xams party  
29/11/2009 Review from visitor navpreet Overall rating 0/10
  This place is not worth going to at all. Our food was delayed by almost 2 hours they mixed in the meals with the starters and main meals. My starter came while everyone was having there main! I spoke to the manager and said I wouldnt come here again and he said thats my choice. Manager does not care whether u come again or not. So please dont come here the waiters are slow, the service is crap and they seriously dont know anything about customer service. PLEASE do not go here again. I wish this restaurant gets shut down. Pakwaan opp is the best place to be! Even so is Chandni Chowk! Passage to India is crap!  
15/06/2009 Review from visitor desi punjabi Overall rating 10/10
  i went there on a weekend had a really good time and the food was very good. service was very good and a punjabi guy from delhi was really good. he specially took care of us and enjoyed a lot. would go there again.  
08/04/2009 Review from visitor Naj Overall rating 4/10
  Passage to india - The food was ok! But when i booked a table for my family they said it was ok but when we all got ready to go they said that they gave our table to another family. We were very angry and went to mirch masala which was quite tasty. Better then passage to india and the staff were more plesant aswell. However Passage to india is terrible!  
12/10/2008 Review from visitor Aarti Overall rating 7/10
  My mum booked a table for 4 at Passage To India for my 21st. It was busy and the loud music made me have to repeat myself to the waiter when ordering and their English wasn't too good either, which didn't help. Food was nice, can't remember what I had, but I was pleased with it after the amount of time it took to get to our table. Mum loved the Paneer. Sisters and I had a little dance to the music, which was fun. The atmosphere is good if you're having a party, but not a romantic meal. A little pricey, £20/head plus. Deco is nice but seen better. Would go again with family or friends, but not for a quiet relaxed meal. Sorry PTI!  
02/10/2008 Review from visitor Anon Overall rating 8/10
  We went to a friends daughters 18th birthday and the food was great, but service needed a bit more attention, atmosphere was good with the music and definately recommend it for a small get together...  
27/06/2008 Review from visitor Akhil and rachana Overall rating 10/10
  we had our party on 21stjune,it was our sons 1st was a complete fun.passageto india is one of the best restaurant in uk. Raj the managerof this place organised it very well, our guest were very happywith every bit of occation.we would like to do our future party here. starter ,mainand everything was good.thank you very muchto raj and his wonderful team.  
19/04/2008 Review from visitor soni Overall rating 9/10
  passage to india. ilford - we had a birthday partyin passage to india last week. it was my friends daughters 18th was so.. tasty .service was good. all the stafs are friendly.even the manager himself makingcocktail for us. all of our group got a great night out that day.Thanks for the staff and manager.and im recomending to all my friends to passage to india  
06/04/2008 Review from visitor Komal Overall rating 0/10
  Passage To India, Ilford - Absolutely appalled with this place! Went here for a relatives 18th birthday party and it ruined the whole event, for everyone! service was disgusting and staff were unattentive and manager was rude. Were given a set menu at the cost of £20 a head (after bringing it down from £23) including children, which included starters, main course and dessert. Spent a total of 4 hours in the place and in the end only received starters and main course. When we complained, we were spoken to rudely and did not even receive an apology. Starters took an hour to arrive...and we did not receive our main course until almost 11pm, and dessert never did arrive! Would never even dream of going here again, and certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone! Ruined my entire night!  
16/03/2008 Review from visitor bobby Overall rating 1/10
  disgusting food,poor service, rude staff. need i say more! Would'nt let my dog eat there.  
13/03/2008 Review from visitor a visitor Overall rating 7/10
  after long lime back our friends visited passage to is good. music is good and the interieal decor is really good. they got big water fall fountain, good lightig,and totally good atmosphere inside  
28/02/2008 Review from visitor desi guy Overall rating 1/10
  Hello , It was one the worst experience I had in London,uk.It was my friends birthday and we thought of going to some nice indian restaurant. Day was spoiled by this restaaurant manger as he was too rude to take boking and later when we arrived at the restaurant.The service was really bad and also the food was not cooked properly.Only thing that was availaible was loud untrue punjabi music.and later when we complained to the manager and cancelled our main course order.the manager made a really rude comment that "he dont want our kind of customers".I think we should boycott this kind of they are just insulting indian hospitality and indian food.  
25/02/2008 Review from visitor smarty Overall rating 1/10
  Food is horrible at this place. Food orders are delayed like anything!! and even manager/staff gives rude answers...  
10/11/2007 Review from visitor Mel Overall rating 1/10
  Passage to India, food was average and was never on time, had to wait well over an hour for what we ordered, was placed at the table next to the extremely loud music with a club-type scene even though we had two little one year old kids, waiters were poor with poor service and did not even know the dishes we were ordering and could not even read their own menu, and this aggressive bloke looking for a fight started a fight with another guy in the restaurant punching him at least over 5 times and going into another families table smashing flying glass, and the waiters just stood there and did nothing, or even call police from the police station nearby. A dissappointing night, I would never go there again, and would tell my friends never to go there, I would avoid this place, it looks good from outside, laid out well from inside, but what is looks when it is poor quality and service inside, and attracts the wrong crowds looking for fights. What a mistake!  
09/11/2006 Review from visitor Nisha Overall rating 6/10
  Food''s fine (though not outstanding) and decor is ok but live music was so loud we couldn''t hold a conversation at the table!