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Ristorante Piccolino,
9, South St, Tolleshunt Darcy, Maldon, CM9 8TR. Tel: (01621) 868942
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01/06/2006 Review from visitor Kate No rating available
  We were on our way back to London and chanced upon this restaurant. As soon as I walked in, I felt so comfortable. The authentic Italian kitchen run and owned by Italians are a credit. Last month we had our wedding celebration there, we ordered what we wanted, decided on the cost per head, tried a variety of wines, and left the rest up to the chefs and staff, honestly everything was done, these people are professionals and deserve every to be recongnized.  
09/03/2003 Review from visitor simon Overall rating 10/10
  The decor is refined yet cosy and warm as is the atmosphere although at the weedend it is very busy, the staff are friendly and always ready to laugh. The restaurant is spit into two rooms that I guess seats about 35 in each plus their is a bar with an open fire. I know they do private parties and weddings. The food is super fresh and the price average is ?25.00 - ?30.00 but if you want a bowl of pasta, salad and a glass of wine as we have had in the past then the cost was ?13.00 each very reasonable.

This restaurant is hidden away and is well worth trying.