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Restaurants - The Dick Turpin (Miller and Carter steakhouse)

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The Dick Turpin (Miller and Carter steakhouse),
Aldborough Hatch, Aldborough Road North, Newbury Park, Ilford, Essex, IG2 7TD. Tel: 020 8590 1281
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16/02/2013 Review from visitor Natasha D Overall rating 10/10
  Excellent food and service. Very busy so had to wait for a table because we didn't book. Well worth the wait, recommend booking over the weekend.  
03/05/2012 Review from visitor mike Overall rating 10/10
  Amazing food, amazing waitress and amazing atmosphere. A must visit without a doubt.  
16/04/2012 Review from visitor irene Overall rating 1/10
  Very poor service, long wait between dishes, salad was limp and was told it was fresh that day I doubt it! Did not have the wine we required, but told they had an alternative which was £6 more! Did not get offered any dressing with my salad, tell me how you can go wrong with a salad well they did!! Haver been twice before but would not go back very disappointed!!  
24/03/2012 Review from visitor Geoffrey Overall rating 1/10
  Service was abysmal, an hour between courses too few staff. And then some of the food was cold. Very avreage overpriced  
11/03/2012 Review from visitor Mike Overall rating 15/10
  Dick Turpin Newbury park - So happy to see the Dick Turpin sign hanging up there again. Haven't been in for a while... happy to see new management are finally running the place with the customer in mind. Booked for sisters birthday door host help hide the cake and set up the table with the baloons as it was a suprise. Definately won't leave it this long without visiting again. Loved it.  
20/12/2011 Review from visitor John Overall rating 0/10
  Absolutely Dead Meat that includes the worst management and staff.  
28/11/2011 Review from visitor Thamika Yalin Overall rating 10/10
  The best steak in town. Nice and cosy with the fires lit.  
22/11/2011 Review from visitor Tammy Sharp Overall rating 10/10
  The best steak i have ever had. The waitress, louise was amazing and really made our night.  
17/07/2011 Review from visitor kim Overall rating 10/10
  I went for a meal last night with friends we all had steak which was really good,just didn't like the way they do the salad.The staff were very nice and we like the decor.It was very busy there we didn't wait long for a table.I don't like the name miller and carter it will always been known for the dick turpin why it had to be changed is a shame.No garden but looks good at the front.We were there at our table till gone 12 o/clock and wasn't rushed to leave.we had a loverly everning.  
22/06/2011 Review from visitor Sunie Overall rating 2/10
  very very average and over priced for the quality they save. Your better going to Harvester - at least you get your monies worth.  
11/03/2011 Review from visitor Linda Evans Overall rating 8/10
  We went to The Dick Turpin today (11/3/2011) at lunchtime. We were showed to our table by who I think was the manager. A very pleasant waitress served our table and we never had to wait very long in between courses for our meal. We chose the fixed price menu (its cheaper). I had baked cheddar mushrooms (DELICIOUS)for my starter, followed by grilled chicken with spinach and herb mash (very tasty) I then had apple pie and custard, (very enjoyable) I also had a shandy. All this for just £13.20. All in all it was a very nice meal and the atmosphere was extremely friendly.  
04/12/2010 Review from visitor Nunziotto Overall rating 8/10
  Very very nice ! Good food and friendly service. I was stay for 3 night in August and everything is OK . The choose of beer is poor, and ,probably the price is small expensive  
25/11/2010 Review from visitor John Overall rating 1/10
  The Dick Turpin, Newbury Park - We chose the Dick Turpin for a family night out to celebrate my 60th Birthday. Just my Wife and 2 sons, previously we have booked family parties of 25+ at The Dick Turpin and had enjoyed our evening. On arrival on this occasion and once seated the waitress insisted my 2 sons showed their ID's in order to be served an alcoholic drink with their meal. My sons are 21 and 26, the younger son had his ID and was allowed an alcoholic beverage but my older son aged 26 was refused, my wife and I were so embarrassed for my son who looks young for his age but to suggest that he is only 17 showed such a lack of common sense. The manageress was called and backed the waitress insisting that it was at the discretion of the staff who could be served and who could not. We decided to leave to save my son from further embarrassment – what ever happened to common sense. We shall not be using this restaurant again.  
10/08/2010 Review from visitor visitor Overall rating 4/10
  Booking policy is ridiculous. I wanted to book for a party of 25 for a birthday celebration and because of the daft policy had to book a table for 6.30pm - the latest I could book. We spent over £500 that eveing and I wish now we'd spent it somewhere else. I was not told when I booked that we'd have to be on 2 tables. if I had been told that then I would not have proceeded. Whilst our waitress was lovely and the food was OK, I have to say the Manager is not the nicest person I've met. I don't think I'd go back.  
09/08/2010 Review from visitor Anon Overall rating 4/10
  Tables can't be booked after 6.30pm even for special occasions. i booked for a party of 25 for a birthday but could not book later than 6.30pm. Also I was not told at the time of booking that we would be on two tables. thefood is good and our waitress, Kerrie, was brilliant, but the manager is surly and gruff and not someone i'd particularly want to see again.  
26/05/2010 Review from visitor Linda Overall rating 9/10
  we have been to this restaraunt on a few previous special occasions... tonight i took a few family members with me and as usual we all enjoed ourselves. i noticed the two waitresses Penny(and possibly her sister) serving us were also serving many other tables, keeping this is mind they were as brilliant as always! however i do think the new fairly big man in a different uniform to everyone else could have been more help. presumably he is the 'manager' and we did not see him help anybody at all, instead just shouted names and orders about whilst staring into space throughout the night!! they coped very well and were still giving service with two pretty smiles. well done girls  
05/05/2010 Review from visitor John Overall rating 9/10
  Another of our regular visits to the Dick Turpin, and as always, excellent food and wine served by attentive but not "fussy" staff. This place never disappoints.  
29/04/2010 Review from visitor Colin Overall rating 7/10
  Nice comfortable restaurant. Food very good and well served by friendly and helpful staff. Always a pleasant evening at the Dick Turpin  
28/03/2010 Review from visitor Richard Overall rating 8/10
  Great to find a restuarant where they discourage kids, I think if they went all the way and banned children this would be the most sucessful Place In Essex, All parents seem to think that their kids are so wonderful but for the millions of people who can't stand to be around the noisyy screaming undisciplined horrors that today's society has genertaed why should we have to ordeal other peoples kids, For those of us who have decided to be selfish and actually enjoy our lives, The is a great escape with ok Food and as I was told every day When i was a child ' children should be seen but not heard'  
16/03/2010 Review from visitor Nan Overall rating 4/10
  If you want steak the food is fine the rest of the menu options tasteless,what happened to the kids play area. Wont visit again food not as expected.gone down hill.  
01/02/2010 Review from visitor P.B Overall rating 9/10
  Good Food excellent waitress (Denise)we visit all miller & Carters in our area  
29/01/2010 Review from visitor Kazza Overall rating 8/10
  Miller and Carter Lovely food and wine and the waiting staff great. As I have 2 children who know how to behave at a dinner table they were looked after very well also Those who like adult only restaurants did you never have any children?  
10/12/2009 Review from visitor silvino Overall rating 10/10
  dick turpin, newbuery park - lovely food. our company had arranged a christmas do. The staff were extremely attentive, lots of entertainment was provided (we didn't end up leaving until 11:30!) All in all a wonderful evening.  
13/11/2009 Review from visitor shazza Overall rating 9/10
  decor is lovely, spotlessly clean. i have visited this restaurant twice in as many weeks. food is lovely, piping hot, lots of it, really good value and service is brilliant. waitresses are lovely. i have now made this one of my regular mid week visits. highly recommended.  
01/10/2009 Review from visitor Anon Overall rating 6/10
  Food is lovely the waiting staff are really helpfull. The decor is great. Shame about the idiot duty manager(well i think his the duty manager. We've been to the miller and carter at least 8 times this year and 4 of those times his been on and is the most rudest individual i've ever come across. He has no people skills and the place would be much better off without him.  
15/09/2009 Review from visitor Margaret Overall rating 9/10
  Very nice decor lovely staff and very pleasant. Very good prices and certainly good value for money.  
16/08/2009 Review from visitor Don No rating available
  We have been visiting the Dirty Dick for many years even when it was Public house at least once or twice a week and had a very good relationship with the Chefs and the serving staff. We are also well known to the servicing Staff who have also been very attentive and we have always been very impressed but this evening we have noticed a cold feeling with them of forboding as if they have an internal matter interfering with their politeness to us customers. We have always been very impressed with their politeness and consideration, especially Chris the Maitre. Sincerely hope the atmosphere will improve..  
26/03/2009 Review from visitor Lucy Overall rating 1/10
  Took our children there on a Monday evening at 5 when it was just openning no one was in there our children were quiet didnt run around and very very well behaved. I was most disappointed when me & my husband started to laugh and was asked to keep the children quiet. Going today without the children as it is my mothers fav place (don't know why) and will see how we are treated BETTER BE GOOD  
16/03/2009 Review from visitor jack Overall rating 10/10
  jackie is the best waitress ever, we still the name of the "Dick Turpin" 2000 was a good year  
06/01/2009 Review from visitor anonymous Overall rating 9/10
  The Miller and Carter at the Dick Turpin is a adult based restaurant but they do welcome children, but they are not a beefeater, so do not supply kids packs etc, but do have childrens menu. also they are a steak house and do not roast dinners and are not a carvey. but having said this their steaks are to die for. highly recommended  
18/12/2008 Review from visitor B Overall rating 10/10
  We visit at least once a week, food is 100%, service 100%, all the staff are very freindly,we always ask for Penny or Kelly both are very efficient,i would like these comments passed on to them both,we where in last night although there was a few xmas parties it was not noisy , it was a nice atmosphere.  
15/12/2008 Review from visitor John Overall rating 9/10
  We went last night (Sunday) to celebrate a special birthday with friends. A wonderful time was had by us all. Really good food and wine, served by pleasant and attentive staff, in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, blissfully free of badly behaved children. Good value for money too. We are becoming regulars here, and cannot fault it.  
07/12/2008 Review from visitor steve Overall rating 10/10
  blloming marvelous. stuff the kids the food is ace and so is the staff  
23/11/2008 Review from visitor The Fat Owl Overall rating 8/10
  Dick Turpin, Aldborough Hatch - Early reviews were poor and nearly put me off. However, we've just returned from a Sunday birthday lunch there. well impressed with staff, food and service. Bookings are now taken, except on Saturday evenings and well behaved children of all ages are welcome. We enjoyed the family ambience and will visit again.  
05/11/2008 Review from visitor sheila Overall rating 8/10
  very nice staff excellent food could have done without the half a lettuce and had more tomato and mushroom  
05/11/2008 Review from visitor Terry Overall rating 10/10
  This has quickly become one of my favourite places to eat and drink. It's brilliant that they don't allow kids in as you can have a drink in peace without parents with uncontrollable children with ADD ruining your Sunday. Popped in The Moby Dick a week later and noticed that all of the parents and said kids are down there SO AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Back to Miller & Carter. The food is excellent and the service is great. Highly recommended!!!  
17/10/2008 Review from visitor Ellen Overall rating 10/10
  Hurray finally at last a nice place to eat without children running round screaming. After reading some of the other peoples comments about them being upset that children are no longer allowed i think they should realise that there are tons of other places that you can go to eat in that allow children, why dont you allow people that dont have children to have a nice enjoyable meal without out having children constantly around. This is the only restaurant that i know of with this policy and this is hence the reason why i tend to go to Carter and Miller so much. There is a time and place for children. i am very pleased about Miller and Carters policies and so are a lot of people as the place is always busy. Parents should stop being so selfish and allow other people a good night out.  
19/09/2008 Review from visitor Visitor Overall rating 8/10
  Love decor, excellent service, excellent and best of all no kids running around, Bar/Pub no place for children, glad to see a company who has some morals  
11/09/2008 Review from visitor Katie Overall rating 8/10
  Im not sure why the previous regular gave it such an awful review - i love this place and am in here very often. The food is great, the decor is lovely, the staff are friendly and its not too expensive. Pretentious is the last word I would use! It isnt bloody Claridges so why expect it to be!!! You get what you pay for and M&C is very good value for money  
10/09/2008 Review from visitor Former Regular Overall rating 1/10
  Used to be a decent pub with restaurant. Since Miller & Carter took over it has become a pretentious restaurant with a tacky bar which doesn't allow children in. The destruction of the garden and play area is a disgrace. It should have its licence revoked.  
28/08/2008 Review from visitor Linda Overall rating 3/10
  Really disappointed that children are not welcome in the bar area or the seating outside. Also really sad to witness the play area has been allowed to run down - a real eye sore. Shame as when we have visited without children we have enjoyed it. However as children are not welcome we will not visit often - unlike in the past.  
31/07/2008 Review from visitor margaret Overall rating 8/10
  Very good,and enjoyable the food is excellent, staff welcoming and friendly, good atmosphere.  
03/07/2008 Review from visitor Alan Overall rating 2/10
  I ordered a pint of London Pride. I noted with dismay that it was very cold; Ales should be at room temperature to bring out the flavours. I drank about 20% of the pint then told the bar staff it was undrinkable, no flavour, and left. I wonder if the serve red wines in ice buckets? I did look at the main menu. It looked fairly extensive and reasonably priced.  
02/06/2008 Review from visitor dennis Overall rating 9/10
  freindly staff only problem is due to its popularity the car park is not big enough on many occasions had to park a long way from restaurant  
27/05/2008 Review from visitor C Overall rating 1/10
  Please explain to me why children have been banned from the bar? I wanted to pop in recently for a drink and was told by a very embarrased member of staff that my 5 year old son would not be allowed inside the bar area. I would have to sit outside if I wanted to stay there. Apart from the fact that it was too cold to sit outside and raining heavily, why the hell are Miller and Carter allowed to discriminate against families. Surely they should encourage families to come in and not be allowed to make a them feel unwelcome. This policy stinks! This is blatant discrimination and should not be allowed.  
14/03/2008 Review from visitor George Overall rating 5/10
  When my wife and I had a meal at your premises on Valentine’s Day we were informed that we could not book for Mothers Day. We therefore arrived just after 12 noon on Sunday last to ensure we could get a table. As we were escorted to our table at about 12.15 it was apparent that several tables had been reserved, which was confirmed by your waitress. We ordered 3 main courses, a bottle of wine and a large coke, which was served very promptly. However the bacon cheese burger had hardly been cooked so it was changed with some delay by your waitress. We then ordered our dessert and 3 coffees which arrived very promptly followed almost immediately by the bill. Whilst still drinking our coffee and wine we were approached by a male member of staff who requested us to vacate our table as other people were waiting. This was at 1.25pm. Not wishing to cause a disturbance in the presence of other families we quickly finished our wine and coffee and left at 12.30pm. As we vacated the restaurant it was apparent that several pre booked tables had still not been used including tables for four, which was the size we occupied.  
09/03/2008 Review from visitor Den H Overall rating 9/10
  This is the first time we have visited the Dick Turpin since it changed ownership and after reading some of the reviews we were apprehensive. The decore is certainly more attractive than it was previously and the children in our party were made welcome. The menu was more extensive than last time we visited and we couldn't fault the food or the staff. The only thing was sorry about was the removal of the childrens play area. I will certainly visit again  
09/03/2008 Review from visitor ron Overall rating 9/10
  I took a family of 7 people (16 to 79) on 09/03/08 and I could not fault the meal, the service, and the whole experience. It isn't cheap- 3 courses inc. drinks £28 per head but food a big success. I would thoroughly recommend this restaurant  
30/01/2008 Review from visitor Anthony N Overall rating 8/10
  I took entire family to the restaurant in October 2007 while visiting from U.S.A. Found the food and service to be excellent. Decor and atmosphere weel above average for British ( chain)owned restaurants.  
15/01/2008 Review from visitor John Overall rating 8/10
  Dick Turpin - I have visited this Restaurant with my wife on several occasions and have always enjoyed their meals, and particularly the excellent service and friendly and efficient staff. One wonders what the attitude of the complainants towards the Staff.Perhaps they are spending too much time in top West End Restaurants where you pay 10 times as much for your meals, What a load of moanrers  
12/01/2008 Review from visitor Angie Overall rating 10/10
  Have been to the Dick Turpin many times since it's change and think it's a lovely place both the food and staff are excellent at last a pub restaurant that welcomes children but doe's not allow them to spoil other peoples pleasure when their parents cannot be bothered to control them.the decor and atmosphere are excellent,would highly recommend it.  
08/01/2008 Review from visitor Anon Overall rating 2/10
  Dick Turpin Ilford - I have lived in the area for 23 years, and have seen a lot of changes to the Dick Turpin over this time. The Miller and Carter take over is awful. The meals are ok, as the restaurant and bar staff but the manager couldn't organise a drink in a brewery, and is always running out of draught beers. He is also extremely rude. Also, how can a public house with lovely gardens, that used to be packed in the summer, just close them? Where's the sense in that? I agree that they are trying to run it down and build a motel there. We shall see.  
06/01/2008 Review from visitor Sam Overall rating 2/10
  Poor to average. My spagetti was cold, cutlery dirty, ridiculous dress policy. Dont bother.  
27/12/2007 Review from visitor Colin L No rating available
  I visited the restaurant asking if I could make a booking for 10 people on a Sunday lunchtime, only to be told they don't accept bookings. Hence I went somewhere else. I didn't get inside to see how it's changed but on this policy alone, It doesn't get my vote !  
20/12/2007 Review from visitor Bern Overall rating 7/10
  'Restaurant was clean and business-like . Quite busy being the week before Christmas so we did have to wait a while before our table was available. All Staff were extremely polite & helpful and the food was perfectly acceptable . Other folk I know have had exactly the same eating experience here . Would certainly go again , as would all ten of my other guests . Some of the other reviewers , clearly have their own unfair agenda !'

...In light of the comments from other people about this restaurant Bern kindly answered the following questions when the site Editor asked: Did you see anything that could contradict the points that others mentioned, e.g. were there any families with young children / buggies? Or anyone in casual clothes? And did you see anyone having any disagreements with members of staff?

'My group were eating at 2pm on a weekday lunchtime , so I did not see any family groups and probably would not have expected to. I did see one or two youngsters in really casual ( verging on sloppy ) gear , and most certainly did not hear any disagreements with other customers and staff . Had I done so , I would have mentioned it . At one point , the restaurant could not supply a further bottle of a moderately expensive wine that we had ordered . Without any hesitation , they offered us the choice of any ( including the more expensive bottles on the list ) other at the lower price.'
16/07/2007 Review from visitor Liz No rating available
  I am absolutely disgusted that I can no longer walk to my local pub /restaurant and enjoy a drink or a meal because I now have a young baby. I have been a customer for the past six years but since its change to Miller and Carter and the policy this brand promotes, I cannot have a drink in the bar because it does not allow children AT ANY TIME, it has removed outside children''s areas and I cannot frequent the restaurant as prams and pushcahirs are not permitted. As it is not feasible to eat a meal comfortbly whilst holding a baby I am therefore unable to continue to use my ''LOCAL'' Having discussed this discrimination with the Deputy Manager and noting that with a baby the pub/restaurant cannot be used, I was told this was not discrimination and I was still welcome, however an answer to my question of HOW when the company policies are purposely restricting my entry with a child, could not be answered. Redbridge Council needs to review the license it has granted and take action for the disregard of the community and enforce the operator to adhere to the swell of community feeling and insist the license allows for true family entry.  
10/07/2007 Review from visitor Mrs Rowbottom Overall rating 2/10
  On my first time returning to the dick turpin since its recent refubishment i was very suprised to find that our children were not encouraged to eat with us there anymore.Although the food was plesent we just didnt feel comfortable in there, it was a sunday lunch and the place was empty.staff were ok nothing special.welcome by the manager was extremly unconvincing and quite rude.not for those with familys or for a frendly place for a quiet drink.  
04/07/2007 Review from visitor Name supplied No rating available
  I used to work at the Dick Turpin, and enjoyed it immensely until the ''change'' to Miller and carter, suddenly working conditions plummeted and hours were cut. The new manager, is a very offensive man who thinks the customers and staff are all idiots, infact he doesn''t care about the quality of the food as he eats MacDonalds every day. I know you may not use this as I am being personal - but I was sad to leave as I had many friends there - however I could not put up with the way I was being treated - I also trie dto go in for dinner with friends and we were turned away as I was wearing cargo pants (trousers with pockets on leg) and my friend was in trainers - On a Sunday afternoon - do they really expect people to be dressed up to the nines - madness, they are trying to get rid of the ''riff raff'' but instead are alienating many respectable proffesional people - it is a bit ridiculous to think that making people wear smart clothes will improve the so called ''quality'' of customer. It is rude and innapropriate.  
29/06/2007 Review from visitor Mr Davies No rating available
  have been a regular customer of the dick turpin for over 10 years.was horrified to find that they now do not accept pushchairs in there restaurant.I attempted to go for a meal last sunday and was rufused entry because our two month old baby was in its pushchair asleep The new manager was extremly rude and abrasive when i asked what the reason for this crazy rule was.To add further insult as we walked away i could hear him swearing to one of his staff.absolutly discusted will not return  
22/06/2007 Review from visitor Andy C Overall rating 3/10
  Steakhouse under new ownership with dellusions of grandeur when in fact it is not that great or sophisticated. Food OK but nothing special. My big problem is the new management''s desire to drive away families and bar customers. The playground and beer garden appear to have been scrapped, it used to be a lovely place to go with the kids for a Sunday afternoon or summer evening drink, but that is not in their marketing strategy anymore. No kids menu either just half portions of selected items. My conspiracy theory is they want to drive customers away to justify knocking the place down so they can build a nice big appartment block in its place!  
20/05/2007 Review from visitor Jane No rating available
  Bad point: It now refuses entry to anyone wearing "sports clothing" which includes trainers and jogging bottoms. Seeing as our netball club used to be virtually the ONLY people in the bar every Tuesday evening AND we are not louts, but professional people, we had to suffer the embarrassment of being asked to leave. They would rather have an empty bar than a group of women dressed in netball clothes. The pub has also got rid of all the outside benches and play area which is a DISGRACE. It is the only pub for miles around with a lovely garden and place to take children which is safe. The local secondary school also used to have staff functions there but again PE staff were refused entry. I hope they CLOSE DOWN. Needless to say we have voted with our feet (in trainers) and gone elsewhere.  
24/04/2007 Review from visitor Robert Overall rating 8/10
  Recently converted Miller And Carter Steak House under the Auspocies of the Mitchells and Butler Chain Decor more less unchanged Good value food in nice friendly atmosphere when visted on Saturday 21/04/2007 very popular at weekends particulally on saturday evenings best to get there before 7-30pm or you you will have a long wait for a table. bouncer on the door at this time to keep out the riff raff.Worth finding.