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Fri 14 May, 2021
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Freeman, Jeeie
 Seeking old friend
Old friend from 1950’s...last known living in Leywell drive newberry park Ilford  Contact:
  Added 13-Mar-21

Carol, Hammer
 Seeking school friend
We were close friends at Beal Grammar School in the 60s and lost contact when I went to live in Spain and Carole went to America. Would be so nice to hear from you and know how you are Contact:
  Added 20-Jan-21

Fenton, bobby
 Seeking school friend
you were in my class at South Park, and Mayfield. it would be good to know if you are sill around. i live in Southend now... Contact:
  Added 08-Jan-21

Small and petite
 Seeking former partner
Just thinking of my past and you popped up Contact:
  Added 22-Sep-20

Husband and Wife
 Seeking person
Looking for anybody who remembers Frank and Doris Harding of 18 Clarence Avenue. Both passed away in 1961. Would be very interested to know of anybody’s recollections! Thank you!  Contact:
  Added 02-Sep-20

Evans, David
 Seeking relative
Looking for David Evans who lived in the Redbridge area during the 70s/80s/90s. David has two daughters who were either born late 60s/early 70s. I believe David worked for the Police and may have been based in East Ham.  Contact:
  Added 31-Jul-20

Kelly, Peter
 Seeking relative
Lost contact with Peter and I am just trying to find him. He was born in 1958. Contact:
  Added 13-Jun-20

Suleman, Aina
 Seeking old friend
Plz contact me! Contact:
  Added 04-Jun-20

Freeman, Jessy
 Seeking old friend
He lived in Newbury Park Gantshill Essex...lost touch when I moved to Devon 1958 Contact:
  Added 15-Apr-20

 Seeking school friend
hi Neela I was thinking about our old school days and was remembering you. Hope you make contact. Would be great to catch up  Contact:
  Added 05-Mar-20

Sutton, Robert
 Seeking school friend
I would like to find an old friend lost since 1982. Robert Sutton and his brother Michael lived with their parents Maureen and John in Ilford. Thanks in advance. Best Regards  Contact:
  Added 21-Jan-20

gaze, jenifer
 Seeking old friend
used to live sunderland way. daughter amanda, Contact:
  Added 06-Jan-20

 Seeking old friend
I am looking for clint jordan he used to live in Aldborough road seven kings he had a daughter Hollie I am hoping to find him again last seen around 20yrs ago He HAD LONG DARK HAIR THEN HIS DAUGHTER WOULD BE AROUND 23-24YRS OLD NOW Contact:
  Added 22-Nov-19

Holmes, John
 Seeking school friend
I was thinking about the old school days and I was wondering what might have become of a number of the people from those days. Contact:
  Added 21-Sep-19

calmeyer, theresa
 Seeking old friend
seen steve jolly on tv you still go the globe Contact:
  Added 23-Jun-19

Ilford County High School for girls 1953-58
 Seeking school friend
My name was Janet Norsworthy (1953-8) Contact:
  Added 08-Jun-19

sharon, laren
 Seeking old friend
I heard Sharon passed away. If anyone knows what happened to her please let me know. We were great friends in the late fifties and sixties but lost touch. Tried to find her when I was 70 as her birthday was 3 days after mine. Contact:
  Added 14-May-19

Imran, Shaffaq
 Seeking old friend
Dont want them to contact me. I only want to contact them Contact:
  Added 08-May-19

Any Former Pupils
 Seeking person
Hello, has anyone got any memories of Dane Junior High School in the mid 1970s, please? I attended between 1975 and 1977, and remember some things quite clearly from my time there. In particular, the Dining Room which was on the top floor of the school, and was split over 2 rooms. I remember meals like egg and bacon flan, ravioli, sausages and onions with chips, followed by stodgy (but yummy!) puddings such as chocolate fudge cake and chocolate sauce, and rice pudding with “industrial” raspberry jam! //I recall teachers named Mr Bryant – Deputy Head, Mr Dent – Music, Mr Hawes – Maths, Mrs Siebert – English (who liked us to recite poetry) and TWO other female staff with surname Barteluk. // The view from the top floor window was amazing, especially as there weren’t as many high-rise blocks as now.// Fellow pupils I recall INCLUDED David England, Phil Coombes, Tim Gilbert, Tracey Sullivan, Heather Reeman and Gillian Clements. Contact:
  Added 21-Feb-19

Burgess, Michael
 Seeking former partner
We went out back in the late 80s. We met when u were living in de vere gardens in the flat above us. Would be great to see how you have been over all these years.  Contact:
  Added 14-Jan-19

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