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Redbridge Green Fair 2009 review and picturesSubmitted: 30 Nov 1999

Here remain the live updates from the fair.

(12:08:04)ok, just woke up - not a great start to the live coverage, but i did have other commitments! Will rush to get down there soon.
(14:14:43)Definitely a hot one out there today.. getting ready to go, slapping on some sunscreen, finding my baseball hat to keep the sun out...scorchio!! Aiming to get there in an hour..
(15:46:17)just got here - absolutely heaving!
(16:04:19)seems a lot biggee this yeat, definitely more stalls - the place selling sunhats is doing a roaring trade!
(16:22:16)enjoying a nice spot of jazz - see pic 3 - the sax is played by dave o higgins. there are 3 live music stages - the original music tent, this one where i am now, and a small one - not seen anything going on on that 1 yet.
(16:31:49)just walking around the stalls near the entrance, henna tatoos, some fairground style games, raffles with money goin to good causes, stand selling bird boxes, fair trade and organic clothing..
(16:40:55)educational tent on solar energy, stalls selling ethnic food, indian, nigerian, lots of fairtrade and muffin stands. Theres a solar cinema - a big screen powered by a perhaps 8 sq metre solar panel.
(16:47:48)caught a few minues of lively energetic african dancing - see pic 4 - che che le che che - the crowd is chanting along to the beat!
(17:33:57)had a spot of lunch - had a mized meze plate - see photo - cost 3.90..taste could have been better..
(17:39:27)theres a project called capturing redbridge - people were invited to email in their photos of redbridge and theyll print and exhibit them at the event - they also intived people to print out and bring them along.i printed out two for display at the festival - turns out as of 515pm i was the only persom to have brought any in! They let me hang them up - their at the front of the tent to the left - a pic of val park clocktower and one of fireworks in the high road - if ur here see if u can spot them!
(17:40:50)(smash, im pretty sure ive seen at least one of urs displayed for all to see - ill double check when i get back home)
(17:54:15)dr blues and the prescriptions - pic 7 - seem to have a collection of some unusual groupies
(18:01:17)ok best band here - way t go - are doing some excellent covers, smoke on the water, i feel good, the main singer looks 16, got a great voice, the drummer looks about 12, whole thing sounding very pro, not a duff note yet!
(18:35:42)theres a band on after way t go that seems to share the same drummer - what drew me over was an ambitios cover of muses plug in baby- pulled off well, same with teenage kicks...tthey played a couple of their own, good playing use somebody by kings of leon..
(18:41:53)now playing all the small things, smells like teen spirit..a very reserved crowd wants to break into moshing but waiting for the first to do so!
(18:47:46)picture 9 is them
(19:12:04)couple of indian ladies in saris near the front getting into their cover of metallicas enter sandman big time, clapping,cheering- so unexpected and unusual but great! :) now dont look back in anger. Band is called Blue faze fuze.
(19:29:36)day over. Hope you enjoyed the live updates!
Enjoy the pictures below.

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