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Nightclub Reviews

Where to groove, baby

Are you a fan of the Foxtrot, Tango, twisting or ballroom dancing? Sorry, I can't help you there! However if pop, dance and house are your thing, read on ahead for brief reviews of clubs contributers to the site have submitted.

Venue User rating Last reviewed
Berties (1st Floor Shannon Centre, Fri&Sat night) from 221 votes!15 Mar 2015
Bollywood (Club) from 22 votes!05 Dec 2008
Faces Nightclub from 315 votes!09 Sep 2013
Liquid Bar from 142 votes!12 Jan 2010
Room at the Top (top of Harrison Gibson's) from 193 votes!19 Sep 2013
Shannon's Nite Club from 556 votes!17 Jan 2016
Shout from 106 votes!13 Dec 2009
South Woodford
Funky Mojoe from 5 votes!13 May 2010

If you are able to comment on a place not mentioned here, please could you write a few words about the place so I can add it here. Thank you. (only impartial reviews please)


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Rating out of 10 you would give:


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