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Nightclubs - Berties (1st Floor Shannon Centre, Fri&Sat night)

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Berties (1st Floor Shannon Centre, Fri&Sat night),
14 Cameron Road, Seven Kings, Ilford, IG3 8LA
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15/03/2015 Review from visitor 1 Overall rating 10/10
  berties night cub is open once a month now so please come along want to get the club up and running like it used to be its on a Thursday night now starting the 2nd of april..please come along it will be nice to see you  
12/02/2015 Review from visitor keef Overall rating 5/10
  Dagenham DHSS nite out nar wot ar meen  
01/01/2015 Review from visitor anon Overall rating 0/10
  Absolute dive it's rough always fighting, underage everywhere as door staff seem to be more worried about which one to go home with. And then you have a grab a desperate granny!! Place disgusting and needs to be knocked. Avoid at all costs.  
14/10/2014 Review from visitor paul Overall rating 5/10
  not been very lucky for me at berties all women met and went out with had issues my neighbour also met few down there years ago and wasn't very lucky as well  
22/08/2014 Review from visitor unlucky or what Overall rating 0/10
  met 3 women at berties and they were all ag ag ag it was light nightmare at berties meeting them there worse thing thing is went out with them for while little J never married L and A argh they had more issues than jack had in one flew over cuckoos nest  
23/07/2013 Review from visitor Nobody Overall rating 8/10
  In response to Friend of Garry N - Berties is not closed. It is open on Tuesday night's in OConnors bar for the Over 30's, Thrusday night for Salsa, Friday night for Soul and Saturday night to the early hours of Sunday morning. All of this infor is weekly update on Facebook under Berties Essex. Hope that helps.  
20/06/2013 Review from visitor jackie Overall rating 9/10
  berties seven kings - love the friday night soul uprising the only local place to play soul rnb and dance music they have some big name soul djs on fridays as guests and the residents are very good well worth a nosey  
31/05/2013 Review from visitor Mate of Garry N Overall rating 10/10
  I use to go to this place with my mate Garry on Fridays or Saturdays a couple of years ago & it reminded me of the happy days & clientele at the Town House in Enfield, now a distant happy flashback (& some of the girlies were ready to flash their back botties). Berties grew in our hearts & became worth it's weight for the weekend jigs...on the dancefloor I mean. But my mate Garry said it's now closed as most of the members are in care homes so don't get to Berties?! If Berties is still open please let me know & I will get a minibus to sort that bit out, hope its good news? The staff were friendy, punters were nice & friendly & on the same level & the ladies were also nice, even if a tease. The old decor was even iconic to us older 30 something clubbers! It will be sadly missed if closed.  
03/05/2013 Review from visitor Kevin Overall rating 2/10
  Berties used to have a 'Singles/Over 30's Night' on a Tuesday which was quite good and enjoyed by all. But due to falling numbers the main bar has been closed and people wishing to meet up and dance have now been put in the O'Connors Bar which is far too small and unsuitable. This has greatly upset all the original customers and if this evening is not put back in the main bar then all the remaining customers will leave too. As it's "VERY DISAPPOINTING NOW"  
10/02/2013 Review from visitor BIG ASH Overall rating 10/10
  Berties , Seven Kings - Been going 15 years , good mates with Bully the Doorman. EXCELLENT!  
07/04/2012 Review from visitor Mike W Overall rating 8/10
  Berties is alright its not stringfellows or m of sound.But its open to all comers whatever walk of life and the music is dancey and the booze not dear.I went there 15 yr ago and the decor ain't changed thas why I like it. As a club its a good old fortress with a nice lil bar on the stairs before you enter the club.Some of the clientele can be a bit racey...good for grabbing grannies or grandads for that matter or perhaps someone still in their salad or main course days.Nothing pretentious but a fine fine fruity flavour!  
07/01/2012 Review from visitor xxx Overall rating 8/10
  Bertie's Ilford - It is dead in there some nights, but we love it in there and always have a great night, love the staff, doormen and Dj's  
06/11/2011 Review from visitor tara Overall rating 3/10
  sat nite dj needs be replaced music crap. and friday nights could be better some old scool music. younger dj -  
24/05/2011 Review from visitor Somebody Overall rating 9/10
  First let me say I've been going to this club for a very long time and have seen most nights change radically from being very busy to dead as a dodo and back to life again. Saturday nights with Anton DJing is hit and miss. Most weekends you feel like he is only playing for himself, his rapping is annoying and most of his music is ok, nothing special. Friday nights with Gary are again hit and miss but not because of the music but the lack of people. Tuesday has recently got better since the management replaced the last two Djs and brought back Joe. The number of people are returning slowly but that might be down to the recession and the past year. Joe plays what the crowd wants and is always pleased to take requests. Out of the three Djs, he us the best one for consistent music every time he is playing. It's a shame the management doesnt let him have the occasional Friday or Saturday night like they used too. The best way to enjoy the club is to enjoy it with friends.  
24/04/2011 Review from visitor sarahmaria Overall rating 8/10
  ive been there twice, i really enjoyed myself both occasions, music is rocking, friendly people great vybz, i will go again deffinately  
22/04/2011 Review from visitor Gill Overall rating 3/10
  Keef needs spelling lessons, Berties was good in the past but has "had it"s best days like everywhere else, people haven't got the £ any more for overpriced drinks and entrance fees  
01/12/2010 Review from visitor m my..... Overall rating 7/10
  i have been going here on ond off for 19yrs,it is the only place left where i feel comfortable i have only one complaint and that is that the dress code now means that anyone can go in and there are some right scruffy oiks now,if you sort out the dress code you will get nicer people back as its this that has put me off,i came up last friday and it was awful...Gary and Jim are faces we like to see and hope they will always be there,i will be up again this friday and hope it will be a better eve? Get Berties as it was back please  
01/11/2010 Review from visitor bernie Overall rating 11/10
  fantastic atmosphere 'friendly great music 'terrific staff'brill music x  
17/07/2010 Review from visitor Nick Overall rating 3/10
  Good club but crap music for the target age group in the rating I would offer 2 for the music and nine for the club  
29/06/2010 Review from visitor Taos Overall rating 8/10
  The new dj on a Saturday night is wicked....chilled atmoshere and the bar staff and door staff are on the ball.....  
14/03/2010 Review from visitor keef Overall rating 5/10
  It used to be good several years ago it took 15 minutes to get a drink at the bar it was packed at 10 pm but the new owners are so desperate for money so they put the prices up to the point where not so many people go there now they take less at the bar !!!! you get served straight away even with less staff Tuesday nights are sexist despite this being against the law men £4 women £3 Ilford trading standards please note !!! but htey coudlt be bothered Tueadays is a Doris Club ! ok if you wanna meet a pensioner.The DJ on tuesdays played the same music every week for years every one knew what was coming on next for hours. the people who run this place also took over room at the top and they cant manage that place either it needs the origonal owners !!!! - over the last few years it lost its sparkle Staff - never had problem - its a good place if your a fat man looking for a fat woman dont expect it compete with romford on a friday night it just not in the same league but it does compete well with a dagenham car boot sale I used to go there several times a week now I stay away several times a week go back sometimes it good but its got worse in the last few months mainly because the english recession and the new owners just dont know what to do except put the prices up because they are taking less ??!!! Bring back the Ilford pallay that place was the business but ever since parking phobia hit england no one wants to go to ilford anyway Best thing to do is go to spain england is loosing it  
29/01/2010 Review from visitor louis Overall rating 8/10
  Ignore all negative reviews, try it monday 22nd feb, a new night is on, for the magture ravers, strictly over 29's, playing reggae, r&b, soul rugga and more, with dj's the spin doctor, dj rupert and more... this night is nothing like previous nights, so try it, or last monday of every month xx see ya there  
08/11/2009 Review from visitor kazz Overall rating 7/10
  bouncers are is is nice...but men are  
08/05/2009 Review from visitor Brian Overall rating 8/10
  Although the place could do with updating, there is always a good atmosphere, the music caters for almost all tastes (Usually upbeat)Staff are good and on the ball. DJ Gary is good, and the fella who does the warm-up (from 9 'til 11) is pretty good too. Well worth a visit..(Decent smoking area to)  
06/02/2009 Review from visitor WONKY Overall rating 1/10
21/12/2008 Review from visitor shaun Overall rating 6/10
  Berties does need updating as it has an old decor. The staff are always on the ball and the doorman are always around and not only sort out trouble but look after the customers who they think are being taken advantage off. The music aint bad and the drinks are cheap. most weeks its a cattle market but the best bit is no kids so there is no attitude  
28/10/2008 Review from visitor brian Overall rating 10/10
  [part edited] the door staff are a1 guys always on the ball same for the staff  
15/10/2008 Review from visitor lucy Overall rating 0/10
  absoulty terrible, berties is the most dreadful club iv ever been to,awful dj,dont have a clue bouncers,management need a crash course in dealing with customers and how to run the club, awful decor would never return, take this as a warning dont ruin your night out by even thinkin of goin to this club [edited for language - Ed]  
29/11/2006 Review from visitor Lee Overall rating 7/10
  absolute cattle market, if you dont pull there you never will - i love it, i''ve even bought the t-shirt!!!  
01/05/2006 Review from visitor Angie Overall rating 4/10
  very cheesey decor. With a cheesy dj. If you like cheese its the place for you.  
07/10/2002 Review from visitor 'M' Overall rating 10/10
  Berties is number one, i always go every weekend. Every night us different and the barmaid at the back is brillant, you don''t have to ask for your drink, she knows! And Gary the DJ is fab also a good looking guy, girls check him out. You can go up there and feel at home. Over 27''s only.