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Faces Nightclub,
458 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, IG2 6LE
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09/09/2013 Review from visitor Joe Overall rating 2/10
  Charge more than stated for entry, refuse to give change after payment for entry, terrible atmosphere, drinks overpriced and special offers do not exsist. Appalling nightclub  
09/02/2013 Review from visitor aedlp Overall rating 0/10
  I think this place has a racist entry policy.  
23/01/2012 Review from visitor PAUL Overall rating 10/10
  what a fantastic nightclub, best in essex ive been too, people were great , and the service was good, will be booking my birthday there soon xx  
17/11/2011 Review from visitor visitor Overall rating 1/10
  everyone wants your money.  
17/11/2011 Review from visitor visitor Overall rating 0/10
  decor is fake people fake.  
29/03/2010 Review from visitor chris Overall rating 0/10
  (edited - Ed) what a dump ... bad music ... i was asked 3 times if i wanted some [drugs] as for the djs bad, rude thick please dont go  
07/02/2010 Review from visitor Joe Overall rating 1/10
  Was refused entry for being too casual, after taking cab home to get changed, i called to make sure i would be allowed back in, they knew we wasnt members, but when we got back, was told it was members only. Called the club and was told they wouldnt do anything about it. and didnt let me speak with the manager. Side note, still full of drug dealers.  
05/09/2008 Review from visitor peter Overall rating 4/10
  very geneours ratin for me i guess considering up untill last week getting into faces was a it been twice that one of there idiot bouncers have stopped me form getting in on the basis of membership only. I think its a total chamm that membership is nessassary considerin that guest of members whom have been there previoulsy still have to pay the maximium 10 pound entry..members 5 pounds. The bouncers were just complete ****holes... theres one thinkin a long time ago that all one needed was i.d...its just put me off the place really..n only just hope the place deal with this ISSUE!! or close down one day...  
16/01/2008 Review from visitor bert Overall rating 10/10
  faces - i own a busines with thet name in kosova....4 years ago i was there to visit thet faces nightclub i realy liked....  
26/09/2007 Review from visitor Ruslan Overall rating 10/10
  I have been going to faces for the last year and for me its the BEST club in the world. Music is great, staff wicked, public trendy and peaceful. I''ve never got into any trouble and had some of the best times in my life in FACES. Prices are great too if you know when to go. If they closed this place down I would probably commit suicide.

P.S. Recently has had a 2m pound refit so looks amazing.
29/04/2006 Review from visitor Adam Overall rating 3/10
  Faces in Ilford is faux-stylish. The crowd is a mix of locals that want to give the impression that they are more successful than they really are. More like a Netto version of Footballer''s Wives than somewhere with real originality. Great if you want to pull a Footballer or builder in a shirt and nice trousers (girls) or spend all your cash in the hope of sex (blokes). Music is mainstream. Members and guests.  
20/08/2002 Review from visitor Marie No rating available
  I throughly enjoyed my night there and joined as a face member. Contemporary decor. For mature and beautiful clientelle. Elegant and sophisticated club. Atmosphere and people ooze class! Excellent!  
date unknown Review from visitor Anon No rating available
  Faces nightclub in Gants Hill has to be the best in the area, although membership is required, it is really worth it. The crowd is older than 12!!!! The music is excellent and you are always bound to bump into a friendly face or two.