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Shannon's Nite Club,
14 Cameron Road, Ilford, IG3 8LA
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17/01/2016 Review from visitor sharran Overall rating 10/10
  Is the shannon back open again? if so when and what times :) x  
14/04/2011 Review from visitor Jan Overall rating 5/10
  Friendly place, good atmosphere but went for the 1st time in ages last sat night on spur of moment although had good time DJ WAS TOTAL CRAP needs replacing by someone who doesn't annoy everyone didn't hear any good words about him.  
05/10/2010 Review from visitor kirsty Overall rating 10/10
  i'd just like to say that i had the best time on sat 2nd oct.1st time been there but it was fab,DJ was brill too,played all types of music but love the old skool stuff but good mix.  
26/07/2010 Review from visitor Sam Overall rating 10/10
  cool nite club last monday in the month best nights do not knock it til you have tried it everyone's experience is different I actually loved it grb atmosphere and friendly staff.  
09/02/2010 Review from visitor Boss Overall rating 0/10
  Absolutely crap, not a clue about how to run the place, management are crap & so is the whole place.. (edited)  
11/11/2008 Review from visitor ex worker Overall rating 0/10
  shannons night club - this club has gone down hill the management does not care about the public or staff who work the. all they care about is your money not worried if you gey hurt. that why the club has no one going to it plus the fact the manager & one owner dont mind pepole under 18 yrs getting in. go to other clubs were you fleel safe  
15/10/2008 Review from visitor Chris Overall rating 0/10
  what a joke this club is totally empty, really crap music someone please buy the dj a new cd for christmas and someone please sack the management they ain't got clue please turn it back in to the old shannons of long ago it used to be a decent nite club they bave got rid of all the decent staff, please sack the MANAGEMENT.  
11/07/2008 Review from visitor Unknown Overall rating 8/10
  Shannons, Seven Kings - Dont listen to the stuff people say about this place. Fights etc are a thing of the past. Shannons is a laidback niteclub with a nice atmosphere and quality music - plus cheap drinks!!  
22/03/2008 Review from visitor A Overall rating 1/10
  Crap, had my drink spiked, music was crap and hardly anyone turned up! drinks tasted watered down, price was good though! Also fights outside made a bad night even worse.  
01/02/2008 Review from visitor tanya Overall rating 0/10
  shannons is really crap, only go if u like bein surrounded by school kids, sticking to the floor and fighting! also bouncers have got bad attitude problems!  
13/04/2007 Review from visitor Rboy Overall rating 2/10
  if you looking for a fight..its the right place to go.  
13/04/2007 Review from visitor Ben Overall rating 8/10
  everytime i go, always have a great time and get very drunk :-). Also, very chreap night out. theres one downside... closes at 1, would be a good idea if it stayed open till atleast 2 or 3am  
10/04/2007 Review from visitor Glen Overall rating 1/10
  what a dive went there few weeks ago and it was used to be good a few years ago but now its gone down hill. [ part of the review is unprintable, but is generally unsavioury of the DJs and the habits of the clientelle - Ed].  
26/11/2006 Review from visitor Alice Overall rating 1/10
  if you like to go to a place where you stick to the floors, and people wait outside for a fight, or you wish to [removed - Ed] then Shannon''s night club is the place for you.  
03/11/2006 Review from visitor Kelly Overall rating 7/10
  Bouncers seem friendly, cnt go wrong cheap n cheerful. Music brilliant each n every tym.Only downful seems 2 b quite a few school kids (17 yr olds) unless they look young. But other than then that gd place 2 go to!!!  
04/10/2006 Review from visitor Mario Overall rating 7/10
  Been there once, was a good nite out. ?15 to get in and 15 free drinks so its worth it. very dark inside and quite small. music is OK, very good looking girls, staff were OK too. recommended for the price.  
21/03/2006 Review from visitor Proprietor of Shannon's No rating available
  its open on thur-fri-sat. this club is a safe place to go for only ?15 for 15 drinks the music & atmosphere is great and staff our fine once you get to now them so come down one weekend.  
05/01/1999 Review from visitor Nigel Overall rating 8/10
  Where do I start. I had one of my best nights of the year here (new years eve). It seems to be one of those whch lets girls straight through while the blokes have to wait to get searched. Never mind, I suppose I have to get used to that in London, that''s not exactly uncommon. There may be a bit of a queue putting your coat in (staffed by only one person) but after that, it is fun all the way. It''s a smallish club - nice, smoky and dark. (and hot). Conclusion-Excellent.