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The Valentine,
27-37 Perth Road, Ilford, Essex, IG2 6BX (Gants Hill Roundabout)
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30/05/2015 Review from visitor Deborah Overall rating 0/10
  I was thrown out of this pub for discreetly giving another customer a Green Party newsletter during a private conversation! I wasn't disturbing anyone & explained that I wasn't leafleting as such yet the manager sent over two bouncers! Would he have minded had it been a leaflet about cancer? Maybe not. I suspect he's against the Green Party. It would probably have been fine had it been a BNP leaflet! I have heard that it used to be known as the BNP pub...  
30/10/2010 Review from visitor Mr SP Overall rating 1/10
  One of the worst pubs ive been to racially humiliated, wasnt allowed in because i was wearing a turban but other asian boys got in i approved myself with ID n still got kicked out dont recommend this pub at all!!! (NO COLOURED PEOPLE SHOULD BE GOING HERE)  
10/05/2006 Review from visitor Anon No rating available
  The pub is massive with so many large screens. If your a football fan its definately the place to be. Wherever you sit your guaranteed to have a good view. Theres also a great atmosphere when theres a big game on especially arsenal.Theres a live band every saturday night. This can get really busy depending on the band. Great atmosphere again but the music is kind of Rock.Covers of U2 ETC.Wherever you go theres going to be bar staff who make mistakes they''re only human afterall.One guy wrote in his review the bar staff didnt know what a bottle of blackcurrant smirnoff was. But nor do I!Prices are ok not as cheap as a weatherspoon but better atmosphere. Late night opening on Weds,Fri,Sat.Karaoke on Weds which is usually full of under 25s. But this is the only night when its like that. In all other days and nights its a complete mix of ages. They have great management and door staff so if there is trouble occasionally like in any pub it is moved outside straight away.There are different areas to the pub, a bit with 3 pool tables, table football and darts or an area with cosier lighting and comfy sofas. A dance floor area and a non smoking area.Theres loads of fruit machines and quiz machines.This pub is just a great place to go for a drink have a laugh with your mates without any trouble or bitchiness.Theres no posers.Just people of all sorts having a good time.  
01/02/2002 Review from visitor Adam No rating available
  I went recently and the bar did not have any drinks on tap! On a separate occassion, a friend went in and asked for a ''blackcurrant Smirnoff'' which he saw a bottle of behind the bar. The barperson proceeded to make up a regular Smirnoff with blackcurrant juice. He told the barperson of the mistake but looking confused another one was made up. The barperson was too far away to be told that the same mistake was happening again. Again my friend told the barperson that was not the drink he asked for, and repeated that he wanted a ''blackcurrent Smirnoff'', this time explicitly pointing to the bottle he expected it to come from. At this point a supervisor had noticed what was happening and asked my friend to leave unless he paid for this wrong drink that he did not ask for!  
02/01/1999 Review from visitor Nigel Overall rating 8/10
  This is quite a nice pub. They sometimes have live music. It is a big pub and it gets really packed Wednesday night because of the Karaoke. I got there on Wednesday once at 8pm and there was a 15 metre queue outside! It is the place to be if you are 25 or younger as this is who it attracts.


Excellent and lively pub.