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Restaurants - Chicken Cottage

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Chicken Cottage,
212 High Road, Ilford, IG1 1QB. Tel 020 8553 4824
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05/05/2008 Review from visitor abdul Overall rating 8/10
  chicken cottage ilford - i like bbq burger it the very nice  
03/04/2008 Review from visitor agnieszka Overall rating 8/10
  chicken cotage high rd - bardzo dobzre,,, kurczak jest wadnie.. it is very clean and i like to eat ehre  
08/03/2008 Review from visitor eva Overall rating 5/10
  not bad 4 fast food, wraps r nice  
07/03/2008 Review from visitor melanie Overall rating 6/10
  nice peaceful place, i went recently and they have some 'reading club', it was cold outside and inside wasnt so warm - heating guys turn it on! nice food especially the wraps  
14/11/2007 Review from visitor Marek No rating available
  It''s a clean place, somwhr to go wth the wife and children, pices are good but i liking the grill cicken better the nandos and cheaper. but more grill required and better music.  
18/09/2007 Review from visitor Avinash Overall rating 7/10
  grilled chicken, healthy wraps, smoothies, fresh juices, cuppacino i couldnt beleive a fried hicken place had all this, i had to share wid u guys, staff were freindly and knew what they were talking about. i would say it needs a bot of a sign change but it''s good.  
03/08/2007 Review from visitor david Overall rating 10/10
  this shop iz highly decorated nd beutiful 4rom da inside and is brilient all round even the food  
29/07/2007 Review from visitor Nicklaus No rating available
  paraphrasing, he has concerns about hygiene, but notes that the shop is busy.  

The Redbridge Samaritans. Mildmay Road, Ilford. (020) 8553 9900. Always there when you need them. Also seeking listening volunteers


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