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Sat 23 Jun, 2018
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01/10/2014 13:41:24 Manoj Balani ()
Looking for Daksha shah who went to valentines high school 1984-1987(I think) then to middlesex university in hendon to study law.... Please get in touch
27/09/2014 20:41:29 colin green (email withheld)
north Ilford tennis
21/08/2014 19:11:32 Alan J. (email withheld)
Visited Ilford from the U.S. in 2009 and have fond memories. Go Ilford Bowls Club!
21/07/2014 12:51:15 Ellie Priestman ()
Studio Lambert, the television producers behind such TV shows as Undercover Boss, Gogglebox & The Great Interior Design Challenge are producing a new documentary series about food for BBC2. They want to speak to any families from across the country who might be interested in taking part. If selected, filming will take place from the end of August. To find out more information please send a brief description of yourself to or call 0203 040 6875.
11/07/2014 11:49:56 mick groombridge (email withheld)
any ex wilton road residents still about?
01/07/2014 01:40:16 Clifford Brinsdon ()
Any know a Brenda Proctor(maiden name)from who was living in Radnor Crescent in 1951.
04/06/2014 02:25:34 celticlady (email withheld)
Thought i would take a look and see how many of the old crowd were still about. not many.
22/05/2014 11:48:47 Dom (email withheld)
31/03/2014 18:36:25 Di (email withheld)
some fond memories from way back.Before I used to visit here,this site often.BM :) hi
15/02/2014 18:58:04 ahab (email withheld)
Pompadour must be ecstatic - he's got his beloved 3 Word Story going again. Too bad the rest of the forum is dead.
07/02/2014 23:52:29 Rupert ()
Loving it!!
29/01/2014 18:36:34 dennis ()
hi im new here also remember the casa maria goodnight in the greyhound or the seven kings hotel then in there after
20/12/2013 21:45:57 Clifford Brinsdon ()
Have a happy Christmas to all and a safe New Year.
10/11/2013 22:49:14 sonia (email withheld)
Hi, does anyone remember albert stores in the pioneer market?
31/10/2013 15:04:44 Nigel (admin) ()
Yes you're right and you'll be pleased to know I am working on an overhaul. I can't promise when it'll be released but keep coming back every few weeks and if you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see, email me!

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