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Feeling peckish? Here are brief reviews of restaurants contributers to the site have submitted.

Venue User rating Last reviewed
Abshar Punjabi Cuisine (Punjabi) from 0 votes!11 Dec 2012
Sharod (Indian) from 0 votes!06 Aug 2012
East Ham
Chennai Dosa (177 High Street North) from 0 votes!11 Oct 2007
Chennai Dosa (353 High Street North) from 0 votes!27 Dec 2009
Anaka from 0 votes!02 Jan 2009
Caraway from 0 votes!15 Sep 2012
Chicken Cottage from 0 votes!05 May 2008
China Grill from 0 votes!02 Jun 2010
Curry Emporium (Indian) from 0 votes!06 Apr 2010
Curry Special (Indian/South Asian) from 0 votes!04 Mar 2010
Delhi O Delhi from 0 votes!30 Aug 2009
Eastern Spice takeaway from 0 votes!05 Jun 2007
Elephant Royale (Thai) from 0 votes!03 Jul 2011
Essence of the East (Indian) from 0 votes!08 Dec 2006
Frankie & Bennys (New York Italian Rest.& Bar) from 0 votes!17 Feb 2008
Golden Curry from 0 votes!18 May 2010
Hawa Bengali Cuisine from 0 votes!17 Apr 2009
HFC (Halal Fried Chicken) (Fast food) from 0 votes!18 Aug 2008
Jalalabad Restaurant (Indian) from 0 votes!31 Mar 2010
Kaftan Restaurant (Turkish) from 0 votes!24 May 2012
Kanchans (Indian) from 0 votes!04 Mar 2010
Lal Gulab (Indian) from 0 votes!08 Jun 2010
Lazat Indian Restaurant from 0 votes!09 May 2009
Mandino Italian Restaurant from 0 votes!28 Jul 2004
Masala 910 (Indian/Punjabi) from 0 votes!25 Jun 2009
Masti Restaurant (Indian) from 0 votes!06 Apr 2007
Mirage (Turkish) from 0 votes!04 Nov 2008
Mirch Masala from 0 votes!09 Jan 2011
Noah's Ark (Cafe / takeaway) from 0 votes!05 Jan 2008
O'Grady's Kitchen from 0 votes!05 Oct 2011
Pakwan from 0 votes!24 May 2016
Pandoos Family Restaurant from 0 votes!18 Aug 2014
Passage to India (Indian) from 0 votes!03 Jun 2013
Pizza Express from 0 votes!06 Jan 2000
Que Pasa (Spanish) from 0 votes!10 Feb 2007
Rayyan (Indian) from 0 votes!15 Dec 2009
Red Corner (Chinese) from 0 votes!14 Apr 2009
Rossella Restaurant (Italian) from 0 votes!07 Jul 2002
Rouge Restaurant from 0 votes!27 Sep 2010
Sammys Cafe from 0 votes!19 Mar 2009
Sri Rathiga (South Indian) from 0 votes!06 Feb 2011
Subway (Sandwich takeaway) from 0 votes!14 Dec 2007
Suruchi (Indian, vegetarian) from 0 votes!07 Sep 2006
Tamrah (Lebanese) from 0 votes!06 Dec 2007
Umberto da Franco (Italian) from 0 votes!02 Jul 2012
Newbury Park
The Dick Turpin (Miller and Carter steakhouse) from 0 votes!16 Feb 2013
Ristorante Piccolino from 0 votes!01 Jun 2006
Cafe Brunch (Cafe) from 0 votes!26 Mar 2010
Woodford & South Woodford
Bhangra Beat from 0 votes!14 Dec 2009
Rose, The from 0 votes!11 May 2007

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