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Sun 17 Feb, 2019
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Where to drink beer

Fancy a tipple? Perhaps a G&T or a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon? How about a good old pint of the good stuff? These are brief reviews of pubs contributers to the site have submitted.

Venue User rating Last reviewed
Doctor Johnson from 0 votes!27 Jul 2007
New Fairlop Oak from 0 votes!29 Sep 2007
The Chequers from 0 votes!01 Sep 2001
Black Horse, The from 0 votes!01 Mar 2009
Bollywood Bar from 0 votes!17 Nov 2006
East-Side from 0 votes!28 May 2009
General Havelock, the from 0 votes!22 Oct 2008
Jonos pub from 0 votes!23 May 2016
O' Grady's Irish Bar from 0 votes!30 Apr 2012
O'Neills from 0 votes!07 May 2007
Red Cow (Pub) from 0 votes!25 Jan 2008
Shots from 0 votes!06 Oct 2006
The Bridge House pub from 0 votes!14 Oct 2010
The Cauliflower pub from 0 votes!18 Nov 2008
The Cranbrook (NOW CLOSED) from 0 votes!05 Nov 2008
The Lord Napier pub from 0 votes!01 Jun 2013
The Old Maypole from 0 votes!13 Sep 2013
The Valentine from 0 votes!30 May 2015
Bar Room Bar from 0 votes!06 Feb 2003
The Cuckfield from 0 votes!09 Nov 2008
The Duke of Edinburgh from 0 votes!19 Jun 2003
The George from 0 votes!14 Oct 2006
Woodford Bridge
Crown and Crooked Billet from 0 votes!14 Jul 2001
The White Hart - NOW CLOSED - now a restaurant from 0 votes!30 Nov 1999

If you are able to comment on a place not mentioned here, please could you write a few words about the place so I can add it here. Thank you. (only impartial reviews please)

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e.g. what it's like inside (decor), atmosphere, was it busy when you were there? any good points, any bad points, anything strange/weird about the place, prices reasonable?, what were the staff like?

Rating out of 10 you would give:


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