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Sat 02 Mar, 2024
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Central Line reopens (well, 4 stops anyway!)Submitted: 14 Mar 2003

At 1pm, the Central line, which has been shut for nearly 2 months following a motor falling off a train, has reopened between Leytonstone and Bethnal Green today. London Underground, who don't run more buses than there are because they would cause 'bus traffic jams' have strangely left a hole in the equation by not saying how many trains there are, but the BBC, who are running a sweepstake on how long it will take to reopen fully, says it is 17.

This comes a day after during testing, a Central line trained smashed into a trolley causing track and signal problems and another derailment at their depot due to track problems

So when will the entire line reopen? BBC London, think it'll be another month.

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