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Sat 23 Jun, 2018
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Appeal on behalf of Multiple sclerosis sufferer Christopher OgbechiSubmitted: 12 Feb 2006

Parents Christopher senior and Pauline are hoping to raise 13,000 for their son, Christopher Ogbechi to receive stem cell treatment in Holland.

Christopher, 36, of Caernarvon Drive, Clayhall, was struck with the condition at the age of 21. He uses a wheelchair and his condition has deteriorated that he now suffers tremors that are now so bad he can no longer feed himself.

Stem cell treatment is not clinically proven in the UK but MS sufferers have reported improvement just days after treatment which involves inserting stem cells from donated umbilical cords into the patient's spinal area to help rebuild myelin around nerve fibres. Myelin breaks down in suffers of MS. Without the myelin coating, nerve messages cannot travel normally and become garbled or lost.

Anyone wishing to help the Ogbechis in their bid to fund Christopher's treatment is asked to call 020 8551 1255.

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