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Wed 26 Jun, 2019
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Valentines Park

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08 Oct 2011
31 Aug 2011
08 Aug 2011

  • London riots
    Anyone concerned about the impact on Ilford, please check Mike Gapes' twitter feed, he is doing a good job of publishing updates:
    Mike Gapes

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20 Jun 2011

  • 9th Redbridge Midsummer Music Fest in Ilford
    The biggest music event of the year in Ilford/Redbridge! A two day completely free celebration of live music 'for free, for fun, for everyone'.

    More than 30 acts will perform over the weekend, organised by Redbridge Green Fair Association and Redbridge Music Lounge in Ilford Town Centre on Saturday 25 June and Valentines Park on Sunday 26 June, starting 10.30am on both days.

    High-quality programme includes soul from Black River Heavies, rock from the New Giants and teen band Fuze, indie/pop from teen acts Friday's Child and Ryan Green, jazz from Ten String Fever and Jeff L, folk from The Raven and the Jones Boys, blues from Mike 'Dr Blue' McKeon and Brett Housego, country meets Bollywood from Ivy York, r&b from Blue Hearts and the Green Brothers, Italian instrumentals from Mandolele, eclectic pop mix from Redbridge Music Lounge, light classics from Eastbury Concert Band, show songs from Gabby Niman, UK hip-hop from Tantrum, singer-songwriters Max Davies, Lizzie B, Richard Szerman, Dread Fury, Robin Grey & Jay Cee, Gilbert & Sullivan tunes from Chapel End Savoy Players, and more! Full programme

    Saturday's performances will take place in Ilford High Road, Kenneth More Theatre and Ilford Library and Sunday's festival day will run till 7pm by the cafe and children's playground in Valentines Park.

    More info: Redbridge Music Fest website
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12 May 2011

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The Redbridge Samaritans. Mildmay Road, Ilford. (020) 8553 9900. Always there when you need them. Also seeking listening volunteers


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